Hundreds of students march against gang violence in Chicago

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Hundreds of charter school students, teachers, and clergy march on Thursday against gun violence on Chicago’s streets.

CaptureThe march began at 22nd and State, and wrapped up at 36th and Wabash.

“Together we can all do a lot of things to prevent violence in our community. We can start by not encouraging our friends and families to do things that will harm our community. For example, guns and drugs and honestly, all that type of stuff,” said one student.

“We’re walking for peace. Trying to stop the violence. Trying to make a difference,” said another student.

WGN News Writer C. Hayes published this story.


  • Mike Payne

    This is all kind of ridiculous, they say "WE NEED JOBS" — But they don't REALLY mean it!!

    As you know I have campaigned since 1996 for the CTA Gray Line upgrade of the South Side's EXISTING Metra Electric Line:

    It would create 10,000 New Permanent Jobs in the poor Black Communities on Chicago's South and Southeast Sides.

    It would put a new CTA "L" station 4 blocks from where teacher Betty Howard was killed, and 3 blocks from the E. 79th St Laundromat where 6 people were shot; without ANY New Major Construction (it's already there, it's running every day):

    I lived in Chatham for over 40 yrs until 2006, so I know all of it's problems, and what would be one of the BEST possible solutions to them.

    The BIG problem is that CTA and Metra (actually Mayor Emanuel all by himself) cannot, will not, and "na-na-na-na-na – you-can't-make-me" try to WORK TOGETHER.

    I am going to be addressing the next weeks CTA Board of Directors meeting at 10am on next Wednesday June 11th., I really wish you could attend and hear what I have to say, because I am REALLY going to hold their feet to the fire about this.

    PLEASE — anyone seeking information contact me at:

  • kirby14

    And are we to understand that companies like ComEd are going to hire these gang/would be gang members…and trust them? I wouldn't hire them and trust my business, employees and customers to that kind of mentality.
    And other young folks looking for work – not living in affected areas – have to go out on their own – and find a job – without the assistance that the gang community is receiving? This just is SO wrong on SO may levels. The bad are being rewarded – as usual….

  • arubatom

    Have to agree with the posting by John. How many years have there been marches, vigils, DaMayor and Police Super showing up for photo ops?? Until the disintegration of the black family stops, the shootings by gang bangers will continue….life is cheap and there is no accountability where it really matters to address the problem.

    • John

      Life is diffecult! No matter what you do in life, it will take effort and a willingness to succeed. You just do not give something to someone and expect them to be a success. Chicago has to many failures and will have more failures if dedication and hard work is not injected into the solution. My suggestion to the students, start of my making your bed in the morning, at least you will have one accomplishment to start the day, and maybe that accomplishment will lead to others.

  • angry

    Not to sound insensitive but what will marching do? At the end of the day these children have to want better to do better. I have seen kids from the most gang and drug infested areas become doctors, lawyers, police officers.. The list goes on! I am tired of these "leaders" saying "make more jobs" for what? Because I guarantee you the gang members and drug dealers don’t want a 9-5 they want quick and easy money.

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