Man behind @HiddenCashChi1 talks to WGN

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The mystery millionaire who’s been hiding money in California has inspired a couple of Chicagoans to start their own cash giveaway.

And WGN’s Sean Lewis met with one of the givers.

We may not know his name, or his face, but his actions may put a smile on yours.

His twitter handle @hiddencashchi1 and another, @hiddencashchi, took their inspiration from the hidden cash movement in California over the weekend, and are spreading the love, here in the second city.

Cash has been stashed at a statue in Humboldt Park, a horse in Lincoln Park and beyond.

“There’s no set amount of envelopes it could be one envelope stuffed with $200 or 10 envelopes stuffed with $20,” one of the givers behind the Hidden Cash Chicago movement tells WGN.

The hope, is right there on the envelope to inspire others to pay it forward, in a city that sees it’s share of bad news.

“It’s sad to see what’s happening with the schools, what’s happening with shootings,” he said. “We’re comfortable and figured why help others who aren’t as comfortable as we are.”

Jessica Cagle followed on Twitter, and found her cash Monday.

“Either way, I think it’s exciting and that you get to pay it forward. What are you going to do with your $20. I’m not sure yet but okay pay it forward,” Cagle said.

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