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Same-sex marriage legal state-wide

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County clerks across the state are prepared to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

samesexmarriageIllinois became the 16th state to legalize same-sex marriage when Governor Quinn signed a bill into law last November. The law officially went into effect Sunday.

Since the U.S. Supreme Court struck down part of the Defense of Marriage Act, last June, 14 federal judges have declared same-sex marriage bans illegal.

Nearly 44 percent of Americans live in states that offer same-sex marriages.


  • Mary

    The progressives are doing everything they can to perverse our society. Marriage is a sacred thing between a MAN and a WOMAN. They can legalize it, but it doesn't make it right. Just like our resident in the White House, it's a sham.
    Personally, I have nothing against gay people, it's not my place to judge. They can do what they want, it's their life, but don't be calling it "marriage" because it's not. Again, marriage is between a MAN and a WOMAN.
    Hold dear your morals and integrity and teach those characteristics to your children. Teach them the ability of critical thinking, without it, this country is doomed.

    • Mike Payne

      So what do you say Mary, after the children you taught so well — as adults STOMP TO DEATH one of those gay people that "you have nothing against".

      You really taught them their "morals" well…….

      • Mary

        Mike Payne……..Who is talking about "stomping people to death"? And who's talking about hate? You seem to be the only one promoting violence here.

      • Mike Payne

        "The progressives are doing everything they can to perverse our society", and "Hold dear your morals and integrity and teach those characteristics to your children. Teach them the ability of critical thinking".

        I was STOMPED (by 4 B I G Guys) on a Subway car floor, so I am very familiar with H A T E, and somebody (like you) "taught" them to H A T E people they preceived as "perverse".

        I'm so glad today that I didn't go out and do a Bernie Goetz — that would also be H A T E, and I would be in Prison today.

    • Mary

      Hahahahaha!! Is that all you can do is attack?
      You all have yourself a great evening, I know I will. :)

      • SeanHAMMity

        You just so happened to get an attack in in the POTUS. Was that an extra credit troll payment for you?

    • dimensio0

      I believe that you are confusing your subjective opinions, not shared by all, with objective reality.

  • Andrea

    Mary, if you teach the children "critical thinking" they will run away from your narrow-minded views and develop tolerance and respect for every human. You sure you want it?

    • Mary

      Andrea, it's not a matter of being narrow minded. If they want to call it a "civil union" that's fine. But marriage is between a man and a woman, always has been, and always will be.

      the formal union of a man and a woman, typically recognized by law, by which they become husband and wife.

      For gay couples they call it a "civil union".

      civil un·ion
      a legally recognized union of a same-sex couple, with rights similar to those of marriage.

      What's wrong with that? If they want a civil union, that's great. But it's not a marriage.

      This is not a marriage either, even though California recognized it as one.

      • dimensio0

        Same-sex marriage opponents have consistently opposed any provision for legal recognition of same-sex unions.

        No rational justification exists to prohibit legal recognition of same-sex marriage. Disliking the concept of marriage being applied to same-sex couples is not itself a valid basis for public policy.

      • Mike Payne

        So Mary, what was wrong with

        Black People — 3/5ths "Human", And ordained IN THE BIBLE to be "Slaves to other Races Forever" [ IN THE BIBLE ].

        And aren't Anti-Slavery Laws going AGAINST the Word of God [ IN THE BIBLE — Genesis 9:18-27 ]

      • Mike Payne

        AND Mary, how did that between ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN stuff go when Massa' took the infant products of Slaves being bred like horses, and sold them off to the highest bidder……. ?

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