Budget countdown in Springfield

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

In Springfield there is a budget battle underway– while it takes place Friday, it is all about the legislative and gubernatorial races of Pat Quinn and Bruce Rauner come November.

The senate is debating a budget that the house passed a few days ago It is an unbalanced budget with no vote expected on the temporary 67 percent tax hike of four years ago to five percent which is set to expire in January.

Republicans believe that the vote to make the tax permanent will come in December during a lame duck session.

In the meantime don’t expose democrats running for reelection at the polls in November and don’t give Bruce Rauner any more ammunition than he already has.

On the senate floor Friday republicans accused their democratic counter parts of repetitive fiscal irresponsibility.

Matt Murphy (R) State Senator: “Thus budget by your own admission takes us back to the borrow and spend priorities that put us in the whole in the first place You are going back to the conditions that created the problem in the first place and you are doing it willingly.”

Kirk Dillard (R) State Senator: “The state’s credit rating has been downgraded five times since the tax hike. We now have the worst credit rating in America What does this budget do to improve our state credit rating?”

But senate president John Cullerton’s floor leader Dan Kotowski shrugged off those criticisms saying they are required by law to fund programs like child care and senior care, prisons and schools.

Dan Kotowski (D) State Senator: “Sir I don’t work for the credit agencies I work for the people of Illinois we are doing our best to help these taxpayers that we work for.”



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  • Can't Wait To Vote Quinn & Company Out

    Pat Quinn, Blago’s lieutenant governor X 2 terms and current as well as previous roles running our state into the ground along with Dick Durbin and the Chicago machine.

    As it pains me to say, the democratic party is no longer what they’ve stood for in a very, very long time.

    The have run the state and city for so long that we now have the worst credit rating in the USA, we are broke, Chicago is Broke, Illinois is Broke. So blame it on who is supposed to have been managing us for years…

    If you want to see the state go in a better direction and get us out of the basement say in 2-3 years from now, go and vote these people out.

  • datablade

    The one person who has the most responsibility for running Illinois into the financial wasteland has been in control for over 25 years and therefore must be removed from office asap is Michael Madigan, the guy on a perpetual power trip. If you want to brag about how powerful you are then you must accept the consequences for the results of your actions. Perhaps he will resign? Bwaaa-haaa-haa. Wake up, voters. Stop blindly voting Democrat in every election. What has changed for you over 25 years? Have things gotten better or worse, especially in Chicago. Why can't the minorities see how they are simply being manipulated by the Democrats, on a national level????

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