Inmate’s death sparks changes at Lake County jail

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

An investigation into an inmate death’s at the Lake County jail has brought about changes in procedures and equipment.

Officials revealed the results in the investigation today, two years after Eugen Gruber, a drunk and uncooperative inmate died. The results were held up by lawsuits, law enforcement claims. changes presented by top brass come after a drunk and uncooperative inmate died.

The changes at the jail total about a quarter of a million dollars. A lot of those changes are still being implemented. The sheriff’s department admits the management of the jail resulted because policies were not enforced.

Standing before the Lake County Finance and Administrative committee, the undersheriff today explained what went wrong and what is being fixed following the death of 51-year-old Eugene Gruber–an inmate in 2011 who, in custody was drunk and resistant according to reports. Gruber was later dragged throughout the jail and later beaten, according to lawsuits filed in this case. Police maintain he fell.

Gruber suffered spinal injuries, became paralyzed, and died six months later. While in jail, officials confess, he was left on a jail bed for 15 hours not moving. He wasn’t rushed to the hospital until the next day.

So today, 96 new body cameras have been ordered for correctional officers to wear and activate when dealing with jail incidents like Grubers’. Wheelchairs have been added to the inventory along with five point restraining chairs to contain unruly inmates. More surveillance cameras are on tap to cast a light and some video on locations where blind spots existed. Better medical records, improved protocol and more intense training are also all in the plans so a case like Gruber’s doesn’t happen again.

15 officers were involved with the incident. 10 of them were disciplined with 195 suspension days total. One supervisor was demoted and three were terminated.

No criminal charges have been filed against any of them.

The same board present today had already settled a lawsuit with the family of Gruber for almost $2 million.

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