Teen enters guilty plea in “huffing” case, still facing trial

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The televised trial of a woman accused of inhaling chemicals and crashing her car into a little girl got underway Tuesday with a guilty plea.

19-year-old Carly Rousso entered a guilty plea on a reckless homicide charge, but she is still standing trial on the more serious charge of aggravated drunken driving.

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Rousso is accused of driving onto a downtown Highland Park sidewalk on Labor Day 2012 and killing 5-year-old Jaclyn Santos-Sacramento, who had been walking with her family.

Rousso allegedly inhaled a computer cleaning product before veering across several lanes and crashing into Jaclyn.

Her lawyer had previously said his client would be willing to plead guilty to reckless homicide, which carries lighter penalties than the other charge, but Lake County prosecutors apparently weren`t interested in a deal on those terms.

Rousso faces between three and 14 years in prison if convicted of the DUI charge.


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  • kirby14

    19 years for killing a child – and how much of that would actually be served. Gotta love the laws – it's on the side of the criminal.

  • Alan

    Why only 19 years? She killed someone a child's life was ended because of her actions. This wasn't an innocent accident. She knew what she was doing when she inhaled the stuff. She knew the high feeling she after and the affect of getting high. It should be the death penalty… but no less than life without parole. She ended someone's life…all that life is worth 19 years???

  • arubatom

    Well little Miss Rich Girl will have the best of lawyers, you can be sure of that. Nineteen years max doesn't sound right when you consider she gave a little girl the death sentence by doing what she did!!

  • Eve

    I'm sure she's already brain damaged from inhaling all those chemicals, what benefit is releasing her, a killer, back into society? The dead child will never have a second chance, why should she?

  • Lisa

    Why are the parents holding that grown womens hands like shes a little child,shes an adult,who did an adult crime now let her do some adult time,i say 45 to life!!!

  • Michael Casey

    I Pray for equal justice. My name is Michael Casey, and i have a daughter Karli Casey who in April 2012 did exactly the same thing HUFFING WHILE DRIVING!! and Karli did hurt a very nice lady badly, Karli has been incarcerated since the day of that terrible accident and has been in Decatur Correctional Center since Jan. 2013 & before that spent one plus years @ Cook County Jail in which she was in Drug rehab. for treatment. Karli will not be released until April 2016 and will have a FELONY on her record for LIFE!!!!!!

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