Proposed ordinance aims to curb number of guns sold in Chicago

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is proposing a strict new gun ordinance after a federal judge ruled Chicago’s longtime ban on gun stores in the city was unconstitutional.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports, the mayor wants to enforce special zoning that would keep gun stores from opening in 99.5% of the city. The stores could not be within 500 feet of a school or park.

The proposal would also require gun stores to video tape each sale to deter customers from buying firearms for criminals.

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  • tony

    chicago gun laws should include a provision that owners purchase a insurance policy to pay for all deaths and injuerys this gun produces in the lifetime of the gun.

    • Observer

      How about GANG MEMBERS be required to purchase an insurance policy to pay for all the deaths and injuries they produce over their lifetimes.

  • bill

    Yeah because the city doesn't need any additional income, he'll just make us pay with higher tickets or more speed camera's. When will people learn not to vote these idiots in.

  • Get A Grip Rahm

    Accused by the Feds for fudging crime statistics for years,
    People dying of gang and drug related crimes daily. People living under the expressways & viaducts with no jobs, food or city services.
    Chicago Police outmanned and who are now routing calls to non emergency 311 from 911 because they simply do not have the people to protect the citizens of Chicago and respond to the calls that they have responded to for over 100 years.
    Didn’t Detroit do that too?
    Now instead of jumping in feet first since summer time is here. Rahm continues this fantasy of fighting with the Federal government and supreme court decisions.
    Hey it is not that we even need one gun store in Chicago. All the gangs and drug dealers already have what they need, now what are you going to do about that Mr Mayor before your last year in office is up ?

  • Just Me

    Taxpayer money wasted on a lost lawsuit in 3…2…1 What part of the Federal Court rulings don't you understand Rahm??

  • Mel

    Blacks please awaken in this City and boot Sadam Hussein out of office. This is worst than slavery. Chicago has a way of controlling all Negros. Blatant disrespect to the entire race of people. Blacks should also unite and leave this freak-in state. Get ready for a lawsuit. Aldermen/women all of you are a bunch of puppets. I can only imagine what you are like behind closed doors with this dictator.

  • SeanHAMMity

    And like clockwork, the pro-gun trolls are all over the comments section! You people sure are relentless. Wondering if YOU'VE actually "read" the constitution, other than being told about the 2nd Amd by the manufacturers?!

    • Ofycial

      Not pro-gun…Pro-Self Defense. You must be one of those people who really trust the police to protect you and your family all the time. You must also entrust the schools for all of your child's education also.

      • SeanHAMMity

        I would respond properly to your response, but I am unable to decipher your word salad.

  • Ofycial

    It's funny how misguided people always fighting the wrong battles. If guns were never invented then people will still be killing each other with swords. Guns just enhance the carnage b/c now more innocent people get caught in the crossfires. People are violent it's human nature.That's not an excuse b/c humans can also control ourselves. How about fighting the reason's why violence is being used such as poverty, education, unemployment, etc. It's simple math. For every 5,000 maybe 10,000 law enforcement officials there are 100,000 criminals w/guns. Even Sun Tzu (Art of War) says in war sometimes you need to choose the easier target. Education, poverty, etc seemed to be an easier target if the same resources and effort are implemented. That's just how I see it.

  • Friday

    Sure rahm keep the day to day the way it is. You're a by the numbers guy. Another blissful summer with flies a buzzin over bodies laying on the street while your 75k a year street boys in blue show up 10 minutes too late again.

  • We need the more police

    Simy put about Chicago’s politics. If the city of Chicago’s mayor put as much effort in getting the Illinois State police, Cook county sherriffs office and CTA police on board with street patrols, as much as he does with looking to minimize the violence happening and deflecting that issue.
    Then maybe we would see some violence relief. I can see the drug dealers and gang members going indoors this summer and hiding like the cowards they are. If only the mayor would just admit his failed
    polices on crime an ask for help.

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