Boy, 4, dies after accidentally discharging gun

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Cash Irby JrA Merrillville, Indiana, boy died Saturday after finding a gun in his parents’ bedroom.

According to the Merrillville Police Department, Cash Irby Jr., 4, took the gun from his parents’ bedroom and brought it to his room, where it went off and shot him in the head. Police found the child unresponsive and doctors pronounced him dead at Broadway Methodist Hospital South.

Family member Kelly White-Gibson says the gun was placed on a high shelf in a closet inside the home on the 6400 block of Cleveland Street.

Cash’s parents say the 4-year old must have climbed on something to get his hands on the loaded handgun.  The parents were busy with their five-year-old daughter and one-year-old son, when they heard a gunshot coming from Cash’s room.

Police say Cash shot himself one time in the head. The Lake County Indiana Coroner ruled the death an accident– but police and child protective services are still investigating.


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  • Lisa

    Who for the love of God would leave a loaded gun where children can get to them,its like most of these young parents are stupid morons,God help our poor,poor children!!!

  • Pat Kelly

    We don't really need to concern ourselves with this tragedy because, according to the NRA other kids also died in car accidents today and it is important for every true American to keep weapons at home so they can shoot government troops just in case they ever try and take away our freedom. And to help make sure this unfortunate event is quickly forgotten, the NRA has successfully lobbied to prevent the CDC from getting the funding it needs to research what can be done to prevent future tragedies like this that will happen tomorrow and the next day to 503 of America's children each and every year. The NRA wants to keep this quiet because it is scared to death that if more people knew what happened to 4-year old Cash Irby, new laws might be enacted that would impose greater restrictions upon firearms that could have saved his life. You have to live in an NRA fantasy bubble isolated from reality to understand that Cash Irby Jr's life was a small price to pay so that others can feel safer with their guns at home in spite of the statistical facts that prove if you keep a gun in your home you or a family member are 20 times more likely to be shot with it than a burglar. Quick NRA! Wash those hands before someone sees Cash Irby's blood all over them. This is one of far far too many reasons why I hate the NRA and everything it stands for. Cash did not deserve to die and never would have died were it not for the efforts of the NRA to flood America with guns.

    • Ismael

      I don't agree with the NRA but We should keep a handgun at home for protection only. It is not to shoot our troops. We do not need rifles at home either, a handgun should be sufficient to stop someone from coming into Your house. These idiots that buy several guns and rifles are just sick scared folks, most of them did not make it past High School and blame the government for any problem They might have. Remember We have the best form of government on Earth.

    • Jock E Shift

      Pull your head out and breath some fresh air. The NRA isn't trying to "flood America with guns". It's working successfully to keep delusional people like you from taking them. I was raised safely around loaded guns, and my children were, too. Keep your "facts". I'll keep my guns.

      • CrabMan

        It's time that all schools incorporate gun safety as part of the curriculum. A gun is not needed. A toy gun is not needed. Simple line art will work. The most important part is telling children to never touch one if they find one. Then they need to tell their companions (siblings, friend, other in the area) to leave it alone. Then tell a responsible adult who knows how to handle it safely. Unload and lock it up. Lock up the ammunition. As for the asinine NRA comments, go learn everything about something before you spout off. Same with the asinine comments about honest citizens who obtain multiple guns. You can't possibly know what their purpose or motivation is.

      • mayhem4u

        Who do you think teaches the most children firearms safety???

        THE NRA!!!! I guarantee that they know more about firearms safety than you will ever have a hope of knowing!! I have a concealed carry license, I carry daily and have a safe full of guns. My purpose and motivation??? Hunting, competitive shooting and personal & family protection, all of which are the right of an honest citizen (proven by the in depth background and fingerprint check for the carry license) and are totally legal!!! I fully support your right to disagree and your right NOT to own firearms!!!

    • mayhem4u

      Cash Irby's parents are responsible for his death. I raised two children in a house full of guns. They were raised to know what the guns could do (demonstration of .357 magnum vs grapefruit), that nothing on earth could bring back that bullet once it left the barrel(never point a gun at anything that you do not wish to destroy) and last but not least, that dead was permanent (unlike Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny, where the silly wabbit returns to life repeatedly after being shot).

      Both are now responsible adults, with firearms in their homes. Their children are getting the same education about guns. You can not own a firearm and ever hope to keep it a secret from your children. If it is there, they will find it!!! Mine knew that if they wanted to look at, handle or ask questions about the guns, it was no mystery. In my presence and after I and they visually and physically verified that they were unloaded, they were allowed access to the firearms. There were no injuries, not negligent discharges (there is no such thing as an accidental discharge–some rule of firearms safety was violated), no trauma and no regrets.

      Oh yes, both children and myself are NRA members, I have possessed a Georgia Firearms License for over 23 years, carry everyday and so far, we haven't killed anyone!!! BTW Ismael, I have a Bachelors Degree!!! And we HAD the best form of government on earth!! The current administration is doing "everything that it can to change" (destroy) that government!!!

  • diane

    I'm interested in the last line "" but police and child protective services are still investigating.""

    Yes I;m sorry for the loss of an innocent child but further investigation is needed. Now maybe my digital finger strength in less than that of a 4 year old child. but kids this age drop their forks and spoons. , On n the few occasions where I've had the opportunity to fire a pistol. I had to really focus on pulling the trigger. Was this gun's trigger mechanism tampered with or was this child exceptionally strong? as stated before ….Further investigation is definitely needed.

  • JayGoldenBeach

    I blame the makers of toy firearms. What a brain damaged society we are to tolerate lethal weapons to be presented as toys for children. What a brain damaged war-worshipping, ultraviolent society we have created that tolerates children playing 'cops and robbers' or playing soldiers shooting at each other. Is the point of toy guns to normalise firearms so American kidlets grow up thinking firearms are 'cool' and 'fun' to use to keep the war-profiteers in business?! If we are going to be so casual about toy guns, then we should be equally casual about exposing kidlets to the reality of gun shot wounds in the emergency room or a war zone. But oh no, Americans are too fragile for reality.

    • mayhem4u

      You must have "dain bramage" from being shot in the head too many times with a toy gun!!! Luckily it's against the law to sell a gun to someone who is mentally ill!!!

      • mayhem4u

        BINGO, Liza!! Eric Holder's folks are too busy smuggling guns into Mexico to bother with mentally ill people in the U.S. Obama keeps beating the gun control drum while doing absolutely nothing about the actual causes of gun violence!! Please not the wonderful job he did eliminating the gun violence in Chicago while he was a "community organizer", state senator and U.S. Senator!!! All talk, smoke, lights and mirrors!!! I call BS on the president!!!

  • Another innocence lost to irresponsibility

    If you keep your fire arms at home, your due diligence is to either keep them unloaded at all times or reasonably secured in a device that prevents unlawful access.
    It is the fire arms owners responsibility. While nothing can bring back the children or people unintentionally killed by the apparent negligence of the fire arm owners. The fact of the matter is the owners should they choose to not follow or inadvertently not secure their fire arms properly, it is than they must be held accountable for their inactions.