Former top aide to Gov. Quinn pays money back after pension investigation

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

An update to a WGN exclusive:

A mistake in the pension system meant a former top aide to Governor Quinn was getting $137,000 per year. She should have been getting under $20,000.

On Friday WGN was told, she has paid that money back.

WGN traveled to downstate Paris, Illinois, to talk with 63-year-old Carolyn Brown Hodge.

The former deputy chief of staff to Governor Quinn resigned in 2009.

She said she only found out about the overpayment the day WGN inquired about it.

That’s even though she was getting that pension for three years.

The executive director for the state employee retirement system says, they have all that money back.

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  • A for effort, still shows flawed politics and oversight

    I give that lady a A for effort for giving back what wasn’t hers to begain with.
    Now the question begs to be answered did she know exactly what should’ve been her pension pay prior to that?
    Kinda like going to a ATM an withdrawing 137$ when you only have 20$ in the account and doing that for 3 years. Based on the sad state of the economy and politics as well in Illinois it comes as no surprise. The bottom line is yet another feather of mismanagement in Mr Quinn’s ever growing hat.

  • confused

    What is it going to take before you people move out of that state, do they need to take 100% of your money? People that continue to live in Illinois are out of there minds!

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