Blackhawks announce 3-year contract extension with WGN-TV

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Chicago Blackhawks and WGN-TV have announced a three-year extension of the station’s television rights.

blackhawkspatrickkaneChicago Blackhawks’ President John McDonough and Tribune Broadcasting President Larry Wert made the announcement Thursday on the WGN Midday News.

The extension will keep Blackhawks hockey on WGN-TV through the end of the 2018-2019 season, even though the current agreement is not set to expire for another two years.

“WGN-TV is synonymous with Chicago and is the perfect partner to continue to help serve our expanding fan base,” said Blackhawks President & CEO, John McDonough. “From Lloyd Pettit to Pat Foley, WGN-TV has been a highly-valued member of the Blackhawks family.”


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  • Captain Hook

    Great, another 3 years I get to miss games because I live an hour from Chicago, in Illinois, and can't get the same WGN feed as Chicago. Are you people stupid, keeping us from watching games only hurts the Hawks & your own ratings you morons. I'm not driving an hour, searching for parking for an hour and paying excessive amounts of money for tix because you feel the need to only show Hawks games "Locally", you want me to attend a game that's being aired on WGN make it avail nationally and I'll spend my money, keep it "local" & I hope every WGN game has record low attendance just so you fools won't get another extension.

  • jt34

    WTF cares nerds? Chicago is typical of what this country has turned into. A hypocritical, arrogant, money-hungry wimp toilet.

    • jk16

      How do you get that from this announcement? WGN is local and the Hawks probably didn't get much money for the deal. Hell, WGN has a sports broadcaster with little hockey experience to announce the games. This is probably the cheapest way to broadcast the game based on how cheap WGN is. Finally every local Chicagoan can watch the hawks games….

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