Some Algonquin students in trouble after Slip ‘N Slide senior prank

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Inside the halls at Jacobs High in Algonquin– baby oil, water, dish soap and plastic– the ingredients for this year’s senior prank.

As you can hear from the crowd’s reaction, it’s a big hit with the students.

As for school administrators it is anything but.

The two students who organized the prank are facing disciplinary measures that may include not being able to participate in graduation ceremonies.

Friday on campus, some juniors say school officials are being too hard on the seniors involved.

School officials called police and the school was put on lockdown. The technical term is shelter in place, while the slip-n-slide was cleaned up.

School administrators were concerned the messy prank created unsafe conditions.

On Friday evening, parents were weighing in on the possible punishment of barring at least two students from graduating and maybe more as a bit extreme.


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    • marty

      If the teens would have gotten hurt with this the parents would have been screaming why the school did not stop it. O'yea the lawyers would have came got of the trash cans to sue the school for unsafe activities. Set it in law now, no more senior pranks or no graduation. Let the parents HOST a party and if they allow acts so be it.

  • dontbeadope

    Some "pranks" have gotten out of hand like breaking and entering and vandalism. But this? Hand the offenders some mop and buckets and make them clean up the mess. Case closed.

  • Anne333

    Thought #1: If Slip-n-Slides are dangerous, why are little kids allowed to play on them?
    Thought #2: They must've used a LOT of baby oil to make this work.
    Thought #3: What a mess that must have made! Why aren't the kids being required to clean it up?
    Thought #4: If the kids HAD been allowed to clean it up, they wouldn't have needed any other discipline.

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