ComEd rates to spike starting June 1st

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ComEd customers will soon see a sharp increase in their bills.

The utility company will raise rates by 38 percent starting June 1st.

The Illinois Commerce Commission says the increase includes the cost of electricity, reservation fees and transmission costs.

Just last month, ComEd requested another $275 million rate increase to go into effect in January 2015. It would raise the average monthly bill from $68 to about $83.

Other providers’ rates are going up as well.

Experts say the best way to avoid the steep increases is through better energy efficiency.

Also, ComEd offers some savings plans and rebates that could save consumers money.





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  • Poor Guy

    Great, I guess it's time to move out of the city and/or state. I have had enough of these gougers taking more and more and screwing the ones with little to nothing in savings to sacrifice essential things.

  • squeeze harder

    Meanwhile not one politician is complaining about the spiraling energy costs. I wonder which state politicians have something to gain by this increase, Hummmmmm

  • nicokd

    I love how everyone wants to raise prices for gas, milk, electric,license plates, but what about our paychecks? Oh, yeah sorry, they raised federal and state taxes too. If you are going to raise everything else around us, why not start with our pay raise? Well Illinois…its been a treat but i bid thee farewell. Hello southern states

  • kirby14

    Can someone please post the $alaries of the Com Ed Execs?? I'd be interested to see where our $$$$ is really going – in whose pockets…

  • david flinn

    I notice this wasnt announced before the deadline to choose between ComEd and Integrys as suppliers. If Im locked into ComEd for a year how can they announce this right after the lock?


    Lets start by either throwing Quinn out of office and/or giving him jail time for what he has done to all of Illinois’ citizens and our economy, slush funds, state sellout. Guess what time it is Pat? I will tell you, it is Federal Indictment And Prison Time, Which Is Coming Soon.

    Then we need to start throwing all these other money grabbing bumbs out of office who only care really for their own family & friends. Then lets have a federal investigation into Illinois’ other politicians and their back room deals who are making themselves very comfortable at yours and my families, childrens living and futures. Enough is Enough Make your voices heard, Write to Federal Agencies & Vote these no goods out.

  • kirby14

    In addition to seeing the $alaries of the ComEd execs, I'd like to see what political gangsters got $$$ support from Com Ed.

  • sal cannella

    what will happen with the people that are on the integrys energy services. im on social security and the money i make 95 % goes to rent alone. paying almost $ 40.00 now. if higher ill have to cancel dish and att internet. will have to pay what ever we can.

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