Indiana hospital, doctor accused of malpractice

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A cardiologist from Lake County, Indiana and a the Munster Community Hospital are being sued, accused of performing unnecessary surgeries with faulty devices.

Two former patients say Dr. Arvind Gandhi performed unnecessary surgeries using faulty devices and was not qualified to do the work.

Indiana doctor accused of performing unnecessary surgeries with faulty devicesGloria Sargent says Dr. Gandhi performed surgery to implant a pacemaker eight years ago.

Sargent claims the allegedly botched surgery led her to need a heart transplant, which she received.

Attorneys say the doctor and the hospital engaged in a pattern of negligence and even Medicare fraud when it came to the surgical implantation of cardiac defibrillators.

Munster Community Hospital issued a response saying, “There was no basis for any of the allegations made against Community Hospital in 2008.  Following an extensive investigation, the Department of Justice and the Federal Court dismissed all claims against the Hospital in 2012. We cannot speculate as to why Ms. Sargent and Mr. Kammer are now bringing this ‘old news’ to the attention of the media.”


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  • Andrea

    why is every malpractice case fed to WGN by law firms posted as news? so much for innocent until proven guilty.
    WGN and the Tribune are an embarrassment to Chicago.

    • Nardy

      It’s public records and it shows that Doctor Gandhi was already proven guilty buy a panel of doctor of he’s own peers.

  • sue

    This team of Dr’s have saved many lives including my dad, and my mom we had 12 more years to love grow and learn from him b4 he passed an not from his heart.. my mom is still going strong…..Ur offered a second opinion…an sign knowing the risks..don’t blame Dr’s if equipment fails.. THANK YOU DR.GANDHI for the extra time you’ve given many families and myself. …

  • PamCarolAnn

    My dad has been a patient of Dr. Gandhi for 18 years now. Thank you Dr. Gandhi for another successful procedure done today at Community Hospital. I am also grateful my dad is a non-smoker and not overweight. We as individual's need to take our own health into consideration.