Relish the time remaining: Hot Doug’s to close in October

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Chicago’s favorite North Side hot dog spot, Hot Doug’s, will be closing permanently in October.
Loyal fans are still reeling as the shocking news travelled fast today. Hot Doug is going on a permanent vacation starting October 4th.

The news was posted on his website this morning. Then reported as breaking news online at the Chicago Tribune and Crain’s. The unique out of the way hot dog stop with a cult following closing its doors on the North Side after more than a decade in business.

“I’ve done everything I wanted to do here,” owner Doug Sohn said. “It’s time to do something else.”

He doesn’t know what that is yet, but at 51-years-old, the sole proprietor and face of the Sausage Superstore wants to leave on a high note. His years of playing 70s one hit wonders and pledging his allegiance to the one of a kind dog are over for him.

And over for all of us.

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  • Guest

    A hot dog is a hot dog is a hot dog, but to go somewhere to get the VARIETY of hot dogs they sold here, Someone should honestly buy the rights for the name and the store and keep it alive, They can do whatever the heck they want but Seeing them on TV the other day (Travel Channel- "Hot Dog Paradise") then the next day seeing that they're closing? Saddens me and it is now on the list of things I HAVE to do before they close. Go one more time for a rattlesnake dog.

  • SeanHAMMity

    Thank you, Doug. You're doing the right thing. Americans will eat anything, it seems! One less gross establishment peddling horse arse and chicken intestines as meat!

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