Accused, wounded killer missing after leaving hospital

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

They had him. Then they lost him. An accused killer recovering from a bullet wound walked out of a Chicago hospital in February and hasn’t been seen since.

The crime took place in Gary, Ind. Dec 1. Police say three men armed with guns confronted a homeowner and demanded drugs. A battle ensued and when it was over, one man was dead and another left dying. And one of the alleged assailants was wounded.

21-year-old Mark Cherry of Lake Station had a serious gunshot wound when Gary police caught up with him near the scene.

Authorities took Cherry to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn.

Two months later, the man charged with murder, attempted murder, criminal confinement and battery with a deadly weapon, was feeling better and left.

In a statement the hospital said, “Advocate Christ Medical Center has no police powers and, therefore, cannot legally detain a patient against his or her will. If a patient is under suspicion for a serious offense, the police department involved in the case typically posts an officer on site during the period of the hospitalization.”

But Gary police say Cherry went in in December and came out in February. They don’t have the manpower to sit on his room for two months. They also point out that they have no power to detain in the state of Illinois. They expected a heads-up from the hospital.
“The main thing is that Mark Anthony Cherry is still out on the loose. And we want him apprehended so he can stand trial,” said Cpl. Gabrielle King of the Gary Police.

Gary police asking anyone who has any information to contact them at 219-881-1214.

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  • Ron H

    If a prisoner is brought to a hospital, the police department or prison is responsible for the cost of their medical care. Because of this, most police will just drop off the criminal and ask the hospital to call when they are better to arrest them. The hospital cannot violate the patient's privacy by calling the police. With such a serious crime, the police should have kept him in custody and posted a guard with him. The Gary police let a violent criminal walk free needlessly. That's the real crime here.

    • Josie

      It is almost comical that the police are pointing the finger at the hospital not their own department. Medical records are clearly private by law. The Gary Police should have worked with an Illinois/Cook County agency not drop the patient off & not check back until 5 months later. The criminal was released in Feb but we are only finding out now; I am confident the criminal is laughing all the way to a remote area. Hopefully he is dumb enough to stick around but I have a feeling he is long gone! What a joke; really disappointed by this story.

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