Brady proposes plan for Obama presidential library

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

State Senator Bill Brady is pitching a so-called “voluntary check-off” to help bring President Obama’s presidential library to Illinois without using state funds.

Brady says under his plan, the Illinois Department of Revenue would ask taxpayers on their tax returns if they would like to donate some of their refunds to the library. If they say yes, then that money would go specifically towards the library.

He adds this has been done before, such as with the “National World War II Memorial Fund” and “Habitat for Humanity.”

Brady believes this approach is better than using state funds that could go towards education and improving infrastructure.

His plan is in response to a bill that may go up for a vote in the House on Thursday, which calls for spending $100 million in taxpayer money on the library.

WGN News Writer C. Hayes published this story.

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  • Jock E Shift

    Why all the fuss. Just set up a portable toilet somewhere and put a "obama presidential library" sign on it. It will have his greatest accomplishments in it.

  • Flanman

    They want to take away pension benefits from someone who worked years to earn them but waste 100 million for a library no one will use. No wonder the state is broke

  • Donna

    Yeah Flanman, I so totally agree with you. Taking away the pension benefits I paid into for 30+ years should be a sin.

    I think Brady's proposal for voluntary donations is much more equitable.

  • Guest

    Why don't you donate your paycheck Brady? A library dedicated to the puppet in charge of Agenda 21.
    How about a statue of Stalin "for the children ".

  • Kenny

    Cheap way to go from 100 million to a couple thousand bucks – use google and purchase used books on amazon. Everyone can find access to both. And "like" Obama on facebook if you want to celebrate him

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