IL lawmakers to create task force to help legalize recreational use of marijuana

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

State and local lawmakers will call on the Illinois General Assembly Monday to create a task force to help legalize marijuana for recreational use.

Lawmakers want the task force to research, develop and propose legislation to legalize and regulate marijuana.

They also see it as a source of revenue and want to impose taxes on the industry.

Many believe making marijuana legal will free up police resources and ultimately save the state money.

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  • Not all that-Putting A Band Aid On Illinois' Problems

    While some will be ecstatic of Illinois’ so called fact findings prior to legalization scheme.

    I say this BS move is a smoke and mirrors screen for some major reasons.

    1.) Governor Quinn and company need a quick positive injection into his campaign for the upcoming election, simply because he has not only successfully downgraded Illinois to almost junk bond status but it also came out in the recent news that approx 70% of Illinoisans polled said that this is about the worst state in the union.

    2.) Also the current administration has no other viable source to tax, since Mr Madigan was pretty much told a week or so ago that he didn’t have the votes to proceed with another property tax hike.

    So what else can they do?

    Legalize and approve recreational pot, which is against federal law, for a reason and the majority of those approving such a BS move truly hope that majority of their voters are so high come election time that they reelect their nonperforming selves at the cost of our health and future of our children.

  • Allen

    They need to do away with the restrictions on non-violent felons.
    its bad enough that we were put in jail over these lies and bad policy, we shouldn't be excluded from pursuing job opportunities in the cannabis industry.
    we should all receive reparations, but id be happy with being able to do what I want again.

  • joey

    We need to stop pretending like this is a debatable issue. Marijuana use isn't a crime, any law that says otherwise is invalid on it's face, period.

  • Realivemovement

    Some people need this legal right to grow and use their own meds. And if others enjoy it at their recreation then so be it ,TAX IT ,ROLL IT , SMOKE IT.

  • MrX

    Sugar is EVIL! It’s destroying our children’s minds, health, and futures. Outlaw and eradicate this poison, and drive Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts out of the country forever!

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