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For Indiana woman, anniversary of Boston bombing a sign for her to ‘move on’

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Tomorrow marathon runners will be back on Boston’s streets a little more than a year after two homemade bombs exploded near the finish line.

Three people were killed and 264 were injured.  One of the suspects was shot dead by police, his younger brother is awaiting trial.

For 61-year-old Beth Roche of Highland, Indiana, the memories of that day are still fresh in her mind.

Beth had traveled to Boston with her husband to cheer on her daughter Becky as she ran the Boston Marathon for the first time. Beth was waiting for her daughter near the finish line with a big sign. Four minutes after Becky crossed the finish line, the bomb went off.

“Everything was in slow motion,” Beth said. “I was an observer of what was happening around me. My leg was opened up and bones were sticking out.  My knee cap was dislodged. It wasn’t where it was supposed to be.”

Beth’s husband was across the street and her daughter was moved away from the scene.

Beth was rushed to a hospital where doctors were able to save her leg and reconstruct her knee.  She’s been through three operations and will likely need one more to replace the joint in 8 to 10 years.

She was in a Boston hospital for 46 days after the bombing, and for the past year on most days, she does an hour and half of physical therapy. But beyond the physical scars, there are the emotional ones.

She says me she can’t fly and doesn’t like people to be behind her and loud noises still startle her sometimes to tears.

“I know time and the anniversary shouldn’t mean so much,” Beth said. “But they do for me. Now it’s like, I got to go. I got to move on.”

She wants to start helping people who’ve also been through traumatic experiences and she also wants to run again. Her goal is to do the Chicago Marathon one more time before she’s 65

Beth’s daughter is back in Boston for the race. She’s not running this year due to an injury but her finance is.  Beth is concerned, as any parent would be, but confident the race will be safe.

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