Heaviest snow accumulation within 3 days of 80-degree

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

By Meteorologist Tom Skilling

Snow has historically been no stranger in Chicago during the month of April. Official snow records indicate a trace or more of snow has fallen this late in 86 of the past 129 seasons dating back to 1884-85. That’s 67% of the time.

aprilsnow2But the amount of snow which fell Monday and the fact it occurred within 3 days of 80-degree warmth (on Saturday) and on a day which opened in the 60s is without precedent. Neither has occurred before over the 129 year term of official Chicago snow records.

Monday’s preliminary snow totals through 10 pm came in at 1.2” at O’Hare and 1” at Midway.

The 1.2” tally at O’Hare equals the  amount of snow which typically falls over the full month of April and was the heaviest official snowfall to occur here so late in a season in 3 decades.

Monday’s snow means April 2014 has become at the 5th month to reach or exceed the city’s normal monthly snowfall.

Heavier snow totals were reported late Monday evening elsewhere across the metro area including 2.5” at Wauconda; 2.1” Huntley; 1.9” Downers Grove; 1.7” Oak Brook; 1.5” Lindenhurst; 1.5” Batavia and 1.4” at north suburban Beach Park.

The 50-degree temp pullback from Saturday to late Monday is the area’s largest to occur in an April in 20 years

The 3-day temperature drop of 50 degrees, which is what occurred in Chicago between Saturday afternoon’s summer-like 80-degree high and the 30-degree reading registered late Monday, was the biggest to occur here in an April over the past 2 decades.

That shift in temperatures was the equivalent of moving from mid-June back late February-level readings in a span of just 72 hours.


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