Aqua Bootcamp

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Typically reserved for older individuals looking to stay fit while limiting their risk for injury, water workouts are now a staple for everyone from professional athletes to your grandparents. Read on to find out why this is one workout that nearly anyone can try:

  • Water takes away 90% of your natural body weight: “If your’e coming off an injury, [water] takes the resistance off your bones, off your joints, off your musculature,” says Jenn Hogg, fitness manager at Equinox Gold Coast.
  • At the same time, water adds resistance: For those looking to increase the intensity of their workout, the water makes moves you would do on land that much harder because you’re working against it.
  • Great cardiovascular workout: Because the water is chest-height, it puts additional pressure on your lungs which means you have to work harder from a cardiovascular standpoint.
  • According to the CDC, people can exercise longer in water without increased effort or pain. For those with arthritis, it can improve the use of joints without worsening symptoms. It’s also a great way to maintain bone health for post-menopausal women.

When it comes to getting out of your workout rut, the key could be to just keep swimming.

Equinox Gold Coast is located at 900 N. Michigan Ave. and can be reached at 312.254.2500

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