2 Oak Park women suing Beyonce after injured at concert

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Two women from Oak Park are suing Beyonce after they say they were trampled on their way into her concert in Chicago.

The women say they were in the front of a large crowd trying to buy tickets for the concert at the united center in December, when they were trampled.

One woman broke her ankle, and the other was reportedly knocked unconscious.

They were taken to the hospital.

The women say medical bills from the incident piled up, and they weren’t able to work.

The suit is also seeking damages from the United Center and Live Nation.


  • Seriously

    Beyonce had nothing to do with her broken ankle and unconscious friend. She didn’t force you to spend your last to go there in the first place. That case is a joke. Too bad I wasnt there to point and laugh at their injuries.

  • Jennifer Smith

    Omg is this for real. Yeah cuz beyonce is gonna pay for your bills like that was her fault. Funny!

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