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Bicycling shop geared towards women

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A love of racing and a frustration with the lack of women’s cycling gear at most typical bike stores has led to the creation of Chicago’s newest.
It’s not just for a bunch of bike nerds or bike mechanics or messengers anymore everybody is starting to bike.

Sometimes it would be hard to find what we wanted to find at bike shops because most bike shops still tend to carry mostly men’s products. There is a lot of unisex stuff but finding a pair of gloves finding a pair of shoes you’d often times had to search around.
B-F-F bikes was born. A collaboration between Annie and her best friend. And the only female focused bike store in the Mid-west. A one stop shop Annie says for the latest and greatest in gear and the female cycling community.

Be another access point for women to enter into cycling or be part of the community that is here and is growing you know if they’re looking for a group to go on rides with or have educational events we want to do a lot of social events or educational things and hope to really grow the sport.

In a bike centric city like Chicago, Annie says female cyclists are booming. And so are the products available to them. At B-F-F’s you’ll find everything from the traditional accessories, saddles, locks, bells, helmets and shoes. To the more fun, colorful tools, wine glasses, necklaces, bags and fun feminine commuter clothes. With a spot to try them on.
There are some bike shops that have dressing rooms but you can tell they’re kind of an afterthought.

If there are clothes you want to try on a lot of times you’re stuck with a bathroom which may not be clean
Top selling cycles are sold here too. Commuters, road bikes and hybrids And the mechanical know how to keep them running smoothly.

Everything from fixing flats to basic tune ups full tune ups complete overhaul truing wheels anything somebody might need done on their bike.
Bikes are sold for women, men, and kids. And although it’s been a historically male dominated sport that she says is rapidly changing. As is the amount of things now available to female cyclists.

People like to express their personalities on bikes we wanted to give them some fun options to do that.

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