Quinn: Make temporary tax hike permanent

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Governor Quinn proposes turning what was sold as a temporary, tax hike into a permanent one during his 2015 budget address on Wednesday.

The governor called for keeping the personal income tax rate at five percent.

“This comprehensive tax reform plan would maintain current income tax rates allowing us to balance the budget, properly invest in education, and provide every Illinois homeowner with a guaranteed, 500 dollar property tax refund every year.”

Quinn signed the increase from three to five percent back in January 2011. That’s a 67 percent rise. It was supposed to expire next year.   

Republican State Representative and candidate for State Treasurer Tom Cross says Quinn has broken his word to taxpayers.

WGN News Writer C. Hayes published this story.

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  • Guest

    There are no state programs to cut. They are all gone already. Quinn is a Global Agenda follower and he will say this is "for the children" ala Rahmbo as he tells you this is for "education" when this is really a Globalist "Common Core" stealing of the people's money to fund the Globalist takeover of America in every way. By following the "No kid gets ahead " program of the U.N. all children will be groomed to never think (just be stupid as in 2+2=5). That is their Agenda so the future will be controlled by them.

    • Ismael

      The people of the dumbest county in the USA will re- elect Him. They are a bunch of dummies. Did anybody with a little bit of brains think this would not be permanent? This crooked s.o.b. cost me and my wife close to $2,000.00 in extra tax. I do not itemize so everything came out of my pocket. I wrote to Him on his website and the words I used are not in the dictionary. Him and the democrats are nothing but human garbage. I hope they all go to hell where they belong.

  • Diane

    Gov. Pat Quinn is a great politician……..a lousy governor but a great politician. How many governors would think to delay the Sate of the State address till a time when no one would follow his speech. Still the unions and low-info voter will charge to the polls in hope of re-electing Quinn.

  • datablade

    "Allow us to balance the budget". That is what he said two years ago. Too bad they just spent all the extra money they took by increasing payroll taxes 66%! Now they are more broke than before and it is "let us keep the taxes high, we will spend wisely this time". Baloney, vote out all incumbents, especially Democrats who only know how to tax and spend.

  • datablade

    Speaking of property taxes his "$500 refund" simply offsets the $750 increase I will see this year for living in DuPage County, while property values continue to decline. It is time to start looking for another State to live in as Illinois shows no ability to control spending. Democrats have been in charge for 25+ years and Illinois is the laughingstock of the country, most broke, most corrupt….with no real hope of change.

  • Guest

    The U.N. is running this country, this state, and every person in America through their local area township which has been taken over locally by the Globalist Agenda 21 , which our President and Congress support. Voting will not help as the people running every thing are appointed locally by the U.N. This takeover has happened while we have been sleeping. You can see it everywhere you open your eyes and look. Everything is being wrecked and rebuilt or left to ruin so people are forced to adapt to the takeover. Look around ,,,,,what do you see? Ask Rahmbo,,,,will he tell you? Will Quinn? No,,,but he will lie and say that the money we give out is for ,,,,,,,,"Education." It is for the U.N. dues Global Agenda. Get ready to be radiated and surveillanced by the "Smart" meter.

  • VPJ

    Another broken promise that proves Illinois is run poorly, you wont get my vote. Temporary means temporary, took us all for fools!

  • FEDUP1967

    Wow you are doing a great job Mr Quinn! Thanks for chasing the biggest corporations out of out state, instituting Common Core and squeezing our taxes so that we are struggling to keep our heads above water. You are a true Illinois politician – you got the job by default and lied to get voted back in. Keep up the horrendous job so you can get more people upset. Please go away.

  • joe_m1999

    Its sad when a governor tells the people the reason for the huge debt the state has was the state workers and retiree's fault when in fact it was because lawmakers stole money from pension plans and mismanaged them! It was also a joke to punish state workers and retiree's for what that did and not at least pay for their share of mismanaging our states money. Now he wants to make permanent the increased state tax since he has still not enough money to make up for their wrong doings. Its time for a change in Illinois so we can get some honest leadership in Springfield !!

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