Many questions still unanswered about CTA Blue Line train derailment

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There are still so many unanswered questions the day after a CTA Blue Line train went barreling into the O’Hare station and onto the center platform.

The National Transportation Safety Board is on the scene investigating. On Tuesday afternoon, they’re interviewing the train’s operator behind the controls Monday morning.

Early reports indicate fatigue may have been the source of this CTA disaster. But to say that is the only thing that went wrong would be horribly premature.

Brakes were applied mechanically but it wasn’t enough to make a difference even when the train was traveling at what is considered a reasonable speed.

So on Tuesday, the Blue Line station at O’Hare remains off limits as tracks are checked, equipment is cleared, recording devices are recovered and brakes are inspected.

For many commuters, 2 stories above, getting out of the airport likely means taking the shuttle bus. It could be like this for days until the 8-car pile up in the Blue Line station is carefully backed out or cut up to reveal the tracks.

We are told the train that jumped the tracks and remains on top of the center platform and escalator here behind us. But it could take some time to remove.

While all of the injured have been released from the hospital, the first personal injury suit has been filed as it relates to the crash. A 23-year-old security worker with a broken foot and back and neck pain filed the lawsuit

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  • mbarney

    This isn’t the first train accident that has something to do with the the blue line, the first accident with the blue line happened last year when a runaway train ran on the back of that train that day at the end of the Forest Park station, and like the one happen that morning, many people were sent to area hospital that day. Deja Vu

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