More speed cameras to issue tickets

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

More speed cameras will issue tickets instead of warnings today.

Those cameras are located in children’s safety zones near Union Park, Hancock and Bogan high schools.

Speeders will be fined for driving ten miles over the speed limit. That threshold will gradually be lowered.

Newly installed cameras near Orr High School and Sherman Park will start giving out warnings tomorrow.

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    • Ismael

      Or maybe You should buy a radar detector to let You know where these devices are waiting for You. My last speeding ticket was about 15 years ago and now nobody tells me at what speed to drive. When I get a warning I slow down and after I am out of range I resume my normal speed except around schools. All for less than $100.00 There is technology out there to warn You against all those devices The crooked city is throwing at You.

  • Speedypete

    The problem with law enforcement without being able to confront the accusers is they can lower the camera to below the speed limit and what can you do? Look at San Antonio and the millions the'lib mayor raked in with stop light camera fraud.

  • zapp_bran

    Next thing you know, they'll be putting these by the airport runways, emergency room exits, and the auto racing track. Then, these things will target bicyclists…Then joggers…Then pedestrians.
    Don't put it past these politician$.

    • Esco

      It will probably be a mandatory APP on your cellphone that will sense exceeding of a speed limit on any given street. Coming soon.

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