Bail set for man accused of killing former boxer in Rogers Park

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Bail is set at $250,000 for a Rogers Park man who has been charged with murder and hate crimes after allegedly punching and killing a man during a fight.

Michael Tingling, 59, died Wednesday afternoon after he tried to protect his teenaged daughter.

michaeltinglingPolice say Joseph Firek, 59, made obscene gestures towards the 15-year-old girl as she and her father, Tingling, left her school in the 72000 block of N. Clark Street.

Tingling stepped in to protect his daughter and Firek allegedly shoved him and then punched him in the chest and made racial comments.

Tingling and his daughter fled and walked into a nearby business, where the former boxer from Belize collapsed and was taken to St. Francis Hospital in Evanston.

Tingling died a short time later.

An autopsy conducted Thursday on Tingling’s body determined that he died of heart disease and a secondary cause of death was stress due to an altercation and his death was ruled a homicide by the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

Tingling’s relatives say he wore a pacemaker and had diabetes.

“I’m 15-years-old and I have to grow up now,” said the victim’s daughter Masharah Tingling. “I’ve got to grow up a lot more faster,” she added.

WGN also spoke to Masharah’s mother. “It’s still going on, when will it end,” said Yolanda Simmons. “The N-word, why?”

Tingling is remembered as a devoted dad. “She’s so blessed to have a dad like that,” Simmons said.  He was there, no matter what, she said.


  • mary

    So you know joseph had mental problems but he was a nice guy. He will never fight back unless you gave him a reason he love kids and was always protecting them. If joseph got into a fight with this guy is because he had a reason. Also nobody saids about how joseph used to help keep his neighborhood clean. He will wake up every morning and go around and clean the allies of rogers park without getting a payment. He had the chance of stealing but instead he will ask what kind of work he can do to get a few dollars. Dont forget the fact that joseph was veteran for the war of vietnam he fought fpr his country and where is his respect. Am just saying joseph is not as bad as they make it seem n i he fought this guy n said so,ething to his daughter is because they must it done something to him.Nothing happens to people for being angels.

    • Karma

      Mary, clearly you did not know him too well. Apparently, he was a racist who sexually harassed teenage girls.

      • mary

        No i did know him n he wasnt racist n if you tell him to be quiet he will.he was like a little kid n let me tell you they must it done something bad to him because he will never hurt nobody

  • Lisa

    Mary nice guys do not go around sexually harassing young girls,i don't care how clean he kept the neighborhood that day he said or did something wrong that made that father come to his daughters defense,if you were not there you should not speak on what happened,and angels don't verbally abuse people with racial comments and made crude sexual comments to children!!!

  • Big C

    One day this nation will be free of racism. I don't understand why people assault people because of race. It's ignorance. Just like war.

  • marj413

    Lets assume the story is accurate and this guy said something obscene – so what? Walk away. But no, someone had to prove their were tough and it apparently didn't work out too well. Sad story but people need to learn that age old saying: "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" and take it to heart. Too many people dying in confrontations that turn violent over mere words.

  • NvrRelctEny1

    Calling someone a name is a HATE CRIME? Only when a white man does it. Such a biased, one sided report.
    If you refute this statement please provide an instance of a hate crime where the victim was white and the aggressor non-white.

    • Rational Thought

      Who cares, idiot? A man died as a result of being assaulted. Nobody cares whether you agree with the charges. The man was racist, and then assaulted, and killed this guy. Sounds like the definition of a hate crime to me. You are a bigot.

  • Lisa

    Mr Tingling stepped in front of his daughter to block her from the obscene gestures that were directed towards her,it was Joeseph Firek that started the physical confrontation by shoving Mr Tingling and punching him in his chest after spewing racial slurs,Mr Firek sat these events into motion by disrespecting a young girl,so now he has to deal with his vile behaviour that resulted in the death of a father protecting his daughter

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