Chicago police officers shoot, injure 17-year-old boy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Chicago Police officers shot and injured a 17-year old boy who may have had a gun.

It happened at 7pm Thursday night in an alley behind the 4400 block of South Princeton Avenue.

The officers say they saw two men exchange something in the alley.

When they approached them, one of the men ran into a vacant lot.

Police issued a statement saying the boy pointed a gun at officers, but didn’t say whether he opened fire.

The officers shot hit him in the leg.

He was arrested and taken to the hospital.

Police are investigating and searching for a weapon.

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  • Roc_on

    I think it's pretty obvious he didn't have a gun, not saying the kid is the victim but they didn't shoot to kill so I don't believe they perceived him as a real threat and just got tired of chasing him.

  • Lisa

    I never understood why a person trying to get away from the police would turn around and point a gun at them it just makes no sense,but yet the police has used this story over and over again and whats even more disgusting is they are believed every time,if this young man had a gun what happened to it ,did the other guy come back and get it,hopefully they see right through this bull and not let them get away with shooting an unarmed teen!!!

  • Tim

    It is simple…if you don't have anything to hide then don't run from the police. I don't understand how that is a difficult concept to understand. You run from the police, you have now given them reasonable suspicion to stop you. Point something at the police, you have now become a perceived threat to the officers and they will use force to stop you. Don't do those two things…it really isn't that hard.

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