Suit: Uber driver hit on and fondled woman

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A woman in Cook County is suing the ride share company, ‘Uber’ after she says a driver made unwanted advances toward her and fondled her.

The lawsuit claims the driver picked up the woman on March 8 and began driving the wrong way.

When the woman moved up to the front seat to help the driver navigate, she says the driver asked her out and then fondled her.

The woman threatened to call police, and the driver let her out.

A spokesperson for ‘Uber’ says the driver’s account was deactivated after the woman contacted the company.

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  • Shane

    For the love of all that is holy, stop being so incredibly stupid, people! You are getting into a stranger's car. What do you think may happen? Do really believe Über has done its due-diligence in the vetting process of it's drivers? This is a prime opportunity for thieves, pervs, and crazies to get access to their victims.

    • Shaniqua

      yeah, like the vetting process for cabs is sooooo much better. I use Uber all the time and will NEVER use a stinky cab again. no more attitude froma lowlife driver who talks on the phone thru the whole ride, never helps with luggage and never says thanks for the tip.
      i suspect all this hoopla is packaged by the Taxi Drivers group – they are out to have Uber stopped.

      go ahead and use them – your driver will most likely be a polite, middle-aged guy wiith a clean car. he will even offer u a bottle of water!

  • hatetools

    This will happen with these scams of a business. They call themselves "technology company, "technology networking company" as if in America we don't know a new technology when we see one. They call them "ride sharing" when a driver makes at least two trips to and from a passengers destination and gets paid for it. They overcharge people taking advantage of some situation. How long till an alcoholic picks up a passenger after spending the evening drinking at the same bar? how long till a serial something does something? how long till they drop you off at the airport and go back to your home to ….walk the dog maybe?
    I am a taxi driver, i like my job, but if you want it, you gonna have it. Its not like its the safest best job in the world. Its said to be one of the most dangerous jobs. If the robbers don't get you the drunk drivers do. But I guess its a different day and Uber is sharing the danger with the passanger. I will never in a million years drive for them, but if the public wants uber, they will have it.

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