Are you happy? It’s International Happiness Day

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The first day of spring, and the International Day of Happiness all rolled into one.  But can we Chicagoans shed the cold crust we’ve built up over the last few months and just be happy today?

What is there not to be happy about we live in this great city? Winter’s almost over, um I’ve got a great job.

“I’m happy I have a wonderful family, 3 kids a beautiful wife and 2 dogs.”

What are you happy about? Life life especially considering this weather.  This city, I’m over it, the sun is shining…so happy.

Happy, always happy are you always happy?  Yes, we’re on vacation so of course we’re happy.

Inside the shops at North Bridge on Michigan Avenue today, pledging acts of happiness on a happiness wall.

“What I put on the board that I’m going to text my kids and something that I’m grateful for and they start texting back to me the things they’re grateful for and it starts a whole round of happiness.”

“These little tiny acts of intentional happiness can impact your lives more than you ever know.  And it makes people happier and then their happier to people they talk to and it’s this big ripple effect.”

“I’m going to make it a conscious decision to smile at people, strangers on the street, because once you smile it’s the mirror neurons they smile back and they feel a little better.”

There is no way in the world people are that happy.  In fact I know where we can find some grumps.

Look you’ve got missing planes in Malaysia, a war breaking out in the Ukraine, the Cubs are going to stink again, what’s there to be happy about?

“Will you be happy tomorrow it’s Friday, that just means Monday’s two days away after that.”

Get off your high horse and tell me the truth.

Are you happy on this the first day of spring?  “You know Amy haven’t you lived here during the last three months?  We just had a horrible winter it’s the first day of spring and it snowed this morning.  How can I be happy?”

Sure WGN-ers can be a little cranky, but turns out, we actually make people happy.

The people around me, people like you and people in Chicago.

“Wait you’re saying me and this guy make you happy?  Yea you guys are pretty nice.  You guys are very nice people you just came up to me, all right, that’s good.”

“Do I and this guy make you happy?  You guys make me very happy.”

So channel 9 makes you happy right?  Exactly.

I’d be happier when its 60 degrees tomorrow, close to 60, really that’s great.  Look at that I made you happy.

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