Charges filed against mother’s boyfriend in toddler’s death

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Murder charges have been filed against a man in the apparent beating death of his girlfriend’s 1-year-old daughter.

James Harris, 23, of Chicago is accused of killing Amierah Roberson over the weekend.

Authorities say the Amierah died from head trauma.

The toddler’s body was found over the weekend in a park in south suburban Riverdale. A few hours before her mother reported her missing.

The family says the mother spent the night at Harris’ home and left Ameirah there on Sunday when she went to work.

When she returned from work, the girl was gone.

Investigators have not said how they believe Harris killed the girl.

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  • angry

    I knew it. These mothers keep letting thier new boyfriends watch thier kids..when its quite evident they aren't responsible nor do they even have the compassion to even care for a child. disgusting piece of trash he will rot in prison .

    • Why Why Why

      I agree with you…it seems to be a trend in the news these days. I knew it was a cover up when the story first hit news. He reported the baby missing after 5pm but the baby was found 2 hours prior so they already knew something was fishy with his story.

  • Sunny

    These silly young girls are going to get enough of leaving these trashy men around their children, seriously, how stupid can you be?

  • Lisa

    These young mothers meet these so -called men online,in clubs or on street corners and than welcome them into their homes knowing nothing about their history or backgrounds,it seems like as long as they have a warm body to keep them warm that's all that matters,all these young women need to love and protect their babies instead of trying to kept a non-working loser fed,and a roof over his head,my heart breaks for these poor babies,imagine the pain and torture they have to endure because their moms made the worst decision in her life,mothers please stop leaving you precious babies with these cowards,they have no love for your children,rip little angel you don't have to suffer anymore,and to that piece of scum I hope he rots in hell!!!!

    • Why Why Why

      You are absolutely right Lisa….I looked at his Facebook page and all I seen was drugs, money and alcohol on every picture. It is truly a sad situation. I mean what could a baby possibly do to you to piss you off like that. I can't begin to imagine her pain. As you stated women these days, not just young women but in general are becoming more desperate to be in a relationship. As crazy as this may sound but I Google people and check backgrounds, although people don't have to have a background to snap but it has definitely helped to weed out the losers.

  • Barb

    Why leave your baby alone with a man? This happens over & over again, and will keep happening until there just ain't nothing left of the human race to abuse & slaughter.

    Isn't there enough free birth control out there? Do NOT have a child that you can't care for! IT does not take a village, it takes a mom & dad who have common sense!

  • Sunny

    I agree with all these comments, some of these young ladies are too trifling to use protection and birth control, thus creating these broken families in our black community, but its not just the ladies fault, these men are just as trifling and have nothing to offer…pitiful, and Mr. Harris…hope you make some new friends in Cook County…don't drop the soap