$10M bail set in off-duty officer fatal crash

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

$10 million bail has been set for a woman charged  in connection with a crash that killed an off-duty police officer.

31-year-old Shanell Terrell, of the 12300 block of South Throop Street, appeared in court Sunday on charges of first-degree murder and possession of cannabis.

Police say she was being chased by officers from Calumet Park early Friday morning, when she plowed into a car at the corner of 87th Street and South Lafayette Avenue.

Officer David Harris, who was heading home from work at the time, was killed.

In a statement, Chicago Police Department Superintendent Garry McCarthy called the charges “a measure of justice for Officer Harris as well as his family, friends, and colleagues, though the pain of his loss makes the news bittersweet.

“On behalf of the entire Chicago Police Department, I would like to express deepest condolences to the Harris family,” McCarthy said.

Harris, a highly decorated 10 ½ year department veteran, is survived by a wife and two young sons.

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  • bobhamiltonchicago

    Shanel don't worry, you can beat the weed charge. and with good behavior you might could be out in 65 years on that murder case you caught.

  • Martin

    10 million? I'm sorry but had she been white bail would've been ten times less at 1 million, IF that. By the way I'm white and the blatant racism in our courts is more disgusting.

    • MartinAintWhite

      Get your learn on. Read Illinois' criminal code. Nowhere does it say "premeditated".
      720 ILCS 5/9-1
      First degree Murder:
      (a) A person who kills an individual without lawful justification commits first degree murder if, in performing the acts which cause the death:
      (1) he either intends to kill or do great bodily harm
      to that individual or another, ******** OR ******** knows that such acts will cause death to that individual or another; ********* OR *********
      (2) he knows that such acts create a strong probability of death or great bodily harm to that individual or another; ******** OR ********
      (3) he is attempting or committing a forcible felony other than second degree murder.

  • Martin

    Also WTF at officers chasing her in a heavily populated area? Aren't officers suppose to use discretion and COMMON SENSE and call off a high speed chase if it puts OTHERS aka innocent bystanders at risk? The cops chasing her should bare some of the responsibility!

  • angry

    As always the parents feel that thier child can do no wrong in these situations. I couldn't believe her father was defending his daughter even after the drug test results! complete madness!! . smh over some da^n weed? really? I can almost guarantee that killing an officer will have her spending the rest of her life behind bars …piece of trash.

  • calvin

    from what I understand,SHE'S BEEN STOPPED BEFORE ON NUMEROUS OCCASIONS FOR DRIVING WITHOUT A LICENSE………that alone would be murder to me