Standoff on LSD ends, Georgia murder suspect in custody

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

All lanes of traffic on Lake Shore Drive on Chicago’s North Side have been reopened, after Chicago Police arrested a man wanted for the murder of his wife in Georgia.

Joseph Andrew Felton, 43, was taken into custody at about 9:30pm Sunday after SWAT teams ended a nearly-9-hour standoff.

Police used a “distraction” device to move in on Felton as he sat in the back seat of his car on the shoulder of the northbound lanes of Lake Shore Drive just north of Fullerton Avenue.

He was pulled from the car and placed on a stretcher and taken to Northwestern Memorial Medical Center. Chicago Police Deputy chief Wayne Gulliford says Felton sustained “self-inflicted” injuries during the crash and standoff.   He did not give details of the injuries.

Henry County, Ga., police had contacted Harvey police Sunday about the location of a vehicle wanted in connection with a murder and police located the car about 12:24 p.m., but the car fled and was pursued to near Fullerton Avenue and Lake Shore Drive, according to a statement from Harvey.

Georgia authorities contacted Harvey police about Felton, who is wanted in a murder warrant in connection with the slaying of his wife, Sheray Latriest Felton, who was found dead in her home in Hampton, Ga., on Saturday, according to Henry County police. Felton’s sister told the Tribune that she has spoke to Felton on the phone during the standoff and he told her he was in the car.

Multiple witnesses said police fired on the suspect vehicle after a crash about 1 p.m. involving the car being pursued and a confrontation with police. Chicago Police were not confirming any information about the pursuit or standoff by 5:30 p.m.

A witness from the Edgewater neighborhood was driving north on Lake Shore Drive when suddenly traffic stopped and four police squad cars drove by, he said. Then the suspects car, “violently” smashed into the rear of another vehicle that was being driven by a woman, he said. Soon after that collision, the witness, who was driving with his wife and child, saw a police officer open fire on the suspect’s vehicle, he said.

Then other officers opened fire and the witness said that between 10 to 12 shots were fired. The witness jumped into the back seat of his vehicle to shield his child and his wife crouched down on the floor to avoid getting hit by an errant bullet, they both said.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in my life,” said the witness. “It was very violent.”

The witness said the woman got out of the car before shots were fired, and she suffered a head injury. “Her head was bloody,” he said, “and she had a boy in the car with her that had to be between 10 and 11.”

Another witness said he saw the injured woman as well and heard multiple shots being fired near the scene.

Police have not confirmed any injuries in connection with the pursuit.

It was unclear if the suspect was armed, but Chicago police sources said he was alone in the car. A SWAT team was on the scene along with other officers.

For a while, Felton’s sister Lastella Felton was on-scene encouraging Felton to surrender. Lastella Felton said was there because she thought “If he saw one of his sisters maybe he would come out,” she said.

“We were shocked that he was in Chicago,” she said.

By about 7:30 p.m., Lastella Felton had left the scene, but another sister was still there. Police had not allowed either of the sisters close enough for their brother to see them, Lastella Felton said.

“This could have been resolved many, many, many hours ago,” Lastella Felton said.  “I know 100 percent that if he would have seen us then he would have gotten out of the car.”

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