Last night for campaigning before primaries

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The republicans who want to be your next governor, campaigning down to the wire, most of them, anyway.  The primary is Tuesday night.

Monday night, they did all they can to rally every last bit of support.

We’re at a Bruce Rauner campaign event has just wrapped up. Rauner led the money race, financing his own campaign, he leads in the polls.  But as they say, the only poll that matters is the one tomorrow night.

“Pro-union protesters loudly rally outside the Rauner event against the point-one percent they say the Winnetka venture capitalist represents”

Inside, it’s a packed house and a green-clad crowd of supporters ready for a St. Patrick’s Day party.

Evelyn Sanguinetti, Bruce Rauner’s running mate, “Who wants to get their state back? I do, absolutely.”

“I wanna thank every one of you in this room, it’s your patriotism, it’s your hard work, is how we’re gonna restore Illinois, win this election and bring back our great state,” says Rauner.

Three of the four republican contenders have been hitting the campaign trail hard in these final days. The winner of the last GOP primary, State Senator Bill Brady, shaking hands downtown late today, at the end of a whirlwind trip downstate.

Also back from points south, State Senator Kirk Dillard, rallying the troops in Elmhurst.  And he hasn’t been working the crowds alone. By his side, his former boss and still immensely popular, former Governor Jim Edgar.”

“You know, Bruce Rauner got an early start with all his money. I think Kirk is now catching up,” says Edgar.

“I’m feeling great. The momentum is clearly on our side. The crowds that we’ve had with Governor Edgar downstate have been enormous,” says Dillard.

Republican State Treasurer Dan Rutherford, facing a lawsuit filed by a former staffer, has been keeping a very low profile in the last days of the campaign.

On the democratic side of the race, Governor Pat Quinn’s being challenged by community activist Tio Hardiman.

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