Martin Sheen joins Governor Quinn to call for higher minimum wage

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Actor Martin Sheen and Governor Pat Quinn called for a higher minimum wage in Illinois, but critics say a raise will cost more than just employers.

“We know the folks that make minimum wage, they are not going to put that money in the bank vault. They are going to go out there and spend that money in the community and create more jobs,” Governor Quinn said.

“This is more than an economic issue; it’s a moral issue,” Kathleen Johnson, the executive director of Action Now added.

The minimum wage in Illinois is $8.25 an hour.

The star power to help push a raise came from Martin Sheen who said acting is his job, but activism keeps him alive.

“We are in a long and arduous fight and it’s not going to be easy thing and when you think about it, how could anyone argue against a $10 minimum wage for heaven’s sake,” Sheen said.

But the Republican candidates running against Governor Quinn say raising the minimum wage can have negative consequences.  They say it can lead to fewer jobs.

The Governor needs votes in the statehouse to get a raise in the minimum wage passed.


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    • Diane

      I never think of Martin Sheen as one of those knee-jerk Hollywood celebrities. The man is sincerely dedicated to certain causes and has been for 30+ years.

      Most celebrities don't really care about the underclasses, prefer they go away , don't trespass in their neighborhoods , and remain unseen. Sheen is unlike most of those Hollywood P.C. types who talk about the poor but only while the cameras are present. I respect the man.

  • 1lionmouth

    I am a a bus driver that carries a CDL License, Took classes, training and tests that I had to pass. I Make $12.oo an hour surely does not seem fair to me to only make 2.oo more with all the responsibility's that I have taken on with this job. I'm sure that there are other jobs that make 12.oo an hour and feel the same way. So how is this fair. Or is everyone wage going to go up the same amount that minimum wage went up???

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