Suburban H.S. teacher arrested after allegedly having sex with student

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A suburban high school teacher has been charged with criminal sexual assault after allegedly having sex with a student.

29-year-old Ryan Dolan, a Tinley Park high history teacher, football, wrestling and softball coach was arrested Saturday and charged, police said.

In court papers it says Dolan had sex with one of his students last week.

In court today prosecutors say they may charge Dolan with additional sexual assault charges along with possessing child pornography.  His attorney told the judge up until now, Dolan has never had so much had a speeding ticket on his record.

The school district says the assault happened off school property.

Dolan was just released on bond Monday night.

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  • wannaknow

    So how old is the student? 14? Was it forcible? 17? Was it a willing relationship? A little more information, please. Not that it matters much, because all of the above would be 'sexual assault' and upon conviction would bestow 'sexual predator' status on the young man for the rest of his life. Absurd!

  • Hmmm

    Right or wrong, what do you expect? Between coaching every single sport a high school has to offer, plus an educational class, his entire life is spent at that school. Where is he going to meet the most girls? When does he have time to meet a girl outside of that school? Maybe they need to start capping the amount of time one teacher can spend at the school. In addition, it'd open up more jobs for other people to come in and be coaches or teachers, instead of paying one person to spread themselves so thin.

    • itsclose

      I expect a teacher, who is responsible for the young students in his charge, to behave in a responsible manner, no matter how thin he is spread in his duties. If he can't control himself, even if a student throws her/himself at him, he deserves to forfeit his calling and pay the consequences.

      • yetsofar

        I would have to agree that a teacher who behaves in an irresponsible manner like this is not fit to teach and deserves to be fired asap and find a different line of employment posthaste.

        But are the consequences commensurate with the action? Somewhere else I read he got out on $250k bail after getting it lowered from the original $500k sought by prosecutors. Really?

        While every case is different teachers have gotten 10 years in prison for this sort of thing ('consensual' yet inappropriate relationship), not to mention lifetime 'sexual predator' status. Really?

        Maybe the consequences have gotten out of whack with the offense?

    • m

      What do you expect?? Who says that! A person goes into the teaching field because they love the job. They respect the students. They aren’t there to get fresh with under aged girls. If a person chooses to teach and coach, they are taking on a job as a responsible mature adult. Go find females outside work, or find a new job.

  • Mr Dictionary

    I am confused… having sex sounds like a relationship. Criminal Sexual Assault sounds like an act of violence against another's will. Which is it? They cannot be one and the same?

  • Hb106

    Ignorance as usual…. Always one in the bunch huh Louis!?!?! These girls in high school now a days are having sex as early as freshmans, if not sooner. Having babies at 12…. It's sad. And now with teachers…even more sad. But i agree with Hmmmm, the teacher is only 29 and spending all his time at school. And some of these girls in high school stop at nothing to get what they want, for the attention too more or less.

    • m

      Hb106….why are all of you sticking up for this perv?? I don’t care if the student walked in nude and got on his lap. Your a teacher for crying out loud. Go to the principal and address the behavior or the student and that its out of control. That’s what he should have done, if that was the case. There’s no excuses, period.

  • guest

    The girl is 17. They were caught in the act by a police officer. He is engaged to a fellow teacher at TPHS who was once his student.

  • Alan

    Since there's no penalty in this pathetic state, he should life without parole. I know we as taxpayers will be paying for this worthless piece of cra_. Chances are he'll get shanked.