Bears will not re-sign Hester, thank him for 8 seasons

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By Rich Campbell, Tribune reporterThe Chicago Bears on Thursday morning confirmed they will not re-sign return specialist Devin Hester.

“For the past eight seasons we have been honored to have Devin Hester as a part of our organization,” general manager Phil Emery said in a statement released by the team. “While Devin has redefined the pinnacle standard of the return position in the NFL, the memories and contributions he has given us cannot be measured by stats or numbers.

“Not only is Devin a special player, he is also an exceptional person. He is a great teammate, husband and father. Devin represented the organization off the field as well as he did on it. When his career is over, he will always be a welcome member of the Bears family. We thank him for his dedication and wish him and his family all the best.”

Hester publicized the Bears’ intentions Wednesday night in an interview on NFL Network and has accepted he will have to continue his career elsewhere.

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  • steve

    why in the world would you not re sign Devin Hester he changes field position of the game for us on kickoff and punt but we would keep Conte as I say fee after last season he couldn’t tackle or cover anybody which I’m don’t know if the coaches are not watching the film for listening to the commentators

  • orbitalman

    To me, there is clearly a disconnect between the Bears management… and fans. How much can we take? In the case of Hester, why are we assumed to be loyal when personnel cuts of player virtuosity and character are made??? There are clearly some punting rules that need to be made or changed when punters continually sidestep returners at every punt. In my mind it's not a matter of making it easier for the returner but rather giving the other side a chance for a carry.

  • Ken

    The Bears Management have no clue of what they are doing. Why in the heck you would let one of the best return player go? They dont have anyone as good as him to replace him. Stupid move Bears. Stupid move. Look like im a Tampa Bay fan now.

  • jaie

    Get rid of Pay-off Cutler he chokes in big games. Why not get guys who want to be there instead of choke artist. Miss ’85 Bears monster’s of midway