Body found in Morgan Park sewer may be missing woman

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

An autopsy is scheduled today on a woman’s body found in a sewer in the Morgan Park neighborhood.

SewerPhotoPolice say a Chicago Water Department employee found the body inside a drain-pipe Wednesday morning near 107th and Loomis.

Witnesses say crews had to use heavy equipment to dig out the body.

The woman is believed to be in her 30’s.

Police are conducting a death investigation, but no other details have been released.

A mother of three children went missing from the same location back in October of 2011.

Latasha Nevitt’s hubsand, who still lives in the same home, spent all day Wednesday watching as crews used heavy equipment to remove the body.

He says the last time he saw her, she was on her way to the store, but never returned.

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  • michi

    Latasha Nevitt’s disappearance was featured on The First 48 Missing Persons. At the time the show aired, her husband, boyfriend, babydaddy looked and acted suspicious. No mother in their right mind would randomly abandon their children. I hope and pray this is not her, but with the way the world is and the sick individuals that prey amongst the innocent, one can only hope and pray. If this is her body, she, her children and family deserve justice. Nobody deserves to be hurt and discarded the way these poor, innocent humans have been. Murder is at an all time high and is both disgusting and sad. RIP to all those who’ve lost their lives to gunfire, domestic abuse, car accidents, drug over doses, suicides, accidental deaths and heinous murders. No one deserves to die…

  • mbarney

    It’s a tragic event for that situation to happen like that for this woman who is found dead under a sewer pipeline, left alone underneath the drainage ditch in the city of Chicago that already have a lot of murders in this city for young poor black people in the ghettos. My condulisences for this black woman who have to lose her life in that way, and then have her body dumped in a city ditch. I hope that the police would catch these fools who did this, and bring them to justice, but only God can deal with that, and i hope that i can pray for the young poor black people in this city, for God sake keep the peace.

    • Dwight Berryhill

      Barney, there is a built-in spell checker in this venue, the red dots will tell you the word is spelled wrong, USE IT, people are laughing at your ignorance.

  • James.

    Police will not look for the person that did this to this young lady. She was African American, and the police could care less. In the black areas, police are nothing more than thuns in uniform. In the white areas, police are respectful and polite. They could care less about what happened to this young lady, aor or who did it because she's black. To the police department, we are nothing more than black animals waiting to be killed by guns and thugs imported into the areas by the one's that make real money off of our demise, White People.

    I was ran over by a car right in front of my home, the police had the cars plate number, the owners name and address, and never went to arrest the lady driver at all because I'm black.

    We should start policing our own areas and stop the crime because the police could care less. To them it's just a job, and they can kick black people around leagally in a blue suit with a badge.

    The mayor, the aldermen, the police, and all officials of the city of Chicago should be lined up and shot in the head by a firing squad of black citizens for what they have allowed to happen in the city of Chicago. They make large amounts of money, on the backs and deaths of black citizens.

    I'm a black man with a job, I vote, and I approve this message…

    • Dwight Berryhill

      James, Your comment is priceless and believe me you are going to hear more, I've been chuckling all day, this comment is iconic in the human community. HaHa