Local Ukrainians praying for peace

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Some Ukrainians in the Chicago area recently spent time back in their native land and are closely following the latest developments.

At St. Joseph the Betrothed on the Northwest Side, Pastor Mykola Buryadnyk said the congregation has been holding regular prayer services for their fellow Ukrainians and particularly for those who have lost their lives in the violence.

DePaul University film student Julian Hayda has been documenting the unrest in the Ukraine.  He said he’s worried Putin will try to use the unrest to claim sovereign territory.

Pastor Mendyuk Yaroslaw of St. Josaphat Ukranian Catholic Church said some of his parishioners are so concerned about what’s been going on, they’ve been waking up in the middle of the night to pray.


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  • Tetyana

    Those who came to power in Kiev as a result of armed revolution have force only in central and western Ukraine.
    Southeast regions and the Crimea will never recognize the fascist power. And thousands of people protesting in Kharkov , Donetsk, Odessa confirm this.
    Russia closer to us historically , we talk in Russian, we think in Russian, we don't need Western values . There is no doubt that the inhabitants of Crimea will vote to secede from the Ukraine and join Russia.
    So now the authorities in Kiev threw all their forces to disrupt the referendum. The fascists of the "right sector " headed by the Deputy Security Council Secretary Dmytro Yarosh capture arsenals of Ukrainian army and preparing armed provocations against Crimea . The Central Election Commission in Kiev blocked voter database. Unknown people under the guise of police spoil Crimeans passports not to let them vote on March 16. Foreign leaders were quick to declare a referendum illegitimate, and the results – false .
    At the same time no one pays attention to the fact that the majority of the Crimean population speak in Russian and at least 3 million Russians were killed in Sevastopol during several wars.
    The referendum will be held in the Crimea . We will choose to join Russia. We will not allow illegal Kiev government order that we can do and what we can't. Moreover, we will not allow the United States from overseas to advise us what is better for Crimea . It is our right to self-determination and we won't give this right to someone else.

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