CPD visit gang leaders at home as part of new crime-fighting strategy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy announced Tuesday the expansion of a new approach to battling gang violence.

The new crime fighting tool is called the “Custom Notification” program.  Five of the highest districts in the city are using this as a way to deter crime.

Commander Waller of the 6th District goes door to door as part of the program.  He has visited 12 high level active gang members who have the most to lose.  He and a person from the city’s social services department deliver the message in person: Get out of this line of work or face steeper consequences if arrested again.  They offer job services, drug intervention services and  finding a place to live.

The key the say is to get the gang member around his family, parents, grandparents, wife or girlfriend, and children, and show them there’s a different life they can embrace.

60 to 70 gang members and have been visited.  None of them have been arrested again. And 17, or more than 30%, of the men have taken the department up on its offer.  When commanders visit gang leaders in their home, crime in that area, conflicts that were escalating, decrease.

“As police we can have a significant positive impact on crime as a way other than just arresting individuals.  And at the end of the day, that’s the goal. Not to arrest somebody for a violent crime but to keep that crime from happening in the first place,” McCarthy said.

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  • erin

    The Chicago Police cause more crime, pain and suffering in the streets of Chicago then everyday thugs because they feel that they are above the law when they killed my mothers dog in our yard they stated that the dog attacked them which was such a lie then told us they were going to burn her body and stole her body out of the yard before animal control could come which I have a video of them, arrested me for the incident but luckily I recorded the whole thing on my phone and the stupid police officer didn't take the time to erase my video I hate the Chicago police department they serve and protect no one….. Come to the 6th district
    They help who, let me know I live in the 6th district do you want recordings of police harassing people or racially profile people or sexually harassing people sit in the 6th district for a week. What crimes are down everyday they ride past drug dealers and say nothing or prostitutes, how many unsolved crimes in the area, the neighbors talk its just that no one hears us. I refuse to hear this nonsense that they are trying to help the people of the 6th district.

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