Style Files: Candace Corey tips for looking good

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Candace Corey

Tips from Candace:

Your Bathroom Can Make You Look Bad
If you think you look horrible every time you look in your bathroom mirror, it might not be you.  It may be your paint if the color is green. The color of your paint can reflect off of the wall onto your face, making you look aged and even sickly because it can match any ruddiness or discoloration in your skin and emphasize it. Use the same tricks that professional photographers and set stylists do by choosing colors that compliment your skin. Try swiping  paint samples like the Sherwin Williams Color To Go on the wall behind your reflection to see if the color looks well with you. Warm neutrals and skin tones are great options to consider.

Your Kitchen Can Make You Look Bad
Our kitchens are full of dinnerware but some colors, like red and orange, can encourage you to eat more. That can make you look bad if you’re trying to lose weight! Opting for cooler tones like blue can help suppress your appetite while you’re trying to lose weight.

Your Junk Drawer Can Make You Look Bad
We all have that drawer full of beauty products  we only use once in a while, even when it’s past the expiration date, which can cause our skin to break out. Reorganize your products. Dump old items that are no longer effective and re-purpose products that you can’t use by swapping with friends.

Your Bedroom Can Make You Look Bad
Most of us have cotton bed sheets which may be fine in the summer. But they can be rough on dry sensitive skin and absorb the moisture you need during the winter season when skin is needs additional hydration.  Switch from cotton for satin which is softer on skin and even hair.

The products mentioned today:

Laura Mercier Bonne Mine Healthy Glow for Face & Cheeks Crème Colour Palette

Pure Health Garcinia Cambogia

Physician’s Formula Super CC Collection

Limited Edition Blueberry Collection

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