Chicagoans prepare for another arctic blast

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

With the sun setting on another chilly Chicago day, we are about to get slapped in the face with another arctic blast.

By midnight Chicago will likely see its 20th day of subzero temperatures. Some Chicagoans aren’t fazed by the freezing temperatures; “I think this is like any other winter not any colder? I feel like every year we make a big deal about the weather and every year it’s the same winter.”

Actually this one is a little different for one–on average we only go below zero about seven times a year. If we get five more subzero days we’ll tie the all-time record set back in 1884 and ‘85..

We have also had about two times more snow fall this winter than usual, tough we are far short of snowiest back in 1978 and ‘79 when we had nearly 90 inches of snow fall.

“It’s Chicago if you don’t like the weather wait for tomorrow it’s going to get colder tomorrow,”…well there you go.

But some people are not as accepting of the cold temperatures. Overnight expect wind chills to hit negative 20 or more.

“I got to be honest with you the weather really gets to me.”

Even if we see the sun shining over the next few days– the snow cover and wind will whisk any warmth away– even if you are in the sun, chances are it’ll feel like you’re standing in a shadow.

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