Yoga for Two

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Jorge and Yevette Cisneros have shared a lot … 15 years and two children, to be exact. One thing they hadn’t shared up (until now, that is)? A yoga mat.

It’s not uncommon to see partner yoga when walking around Venice Beach. Toned couples in matching apparel make it look effortless set against the backdrop of the Pacific. But what about every day couples right here in Chicago? Partner yoga may not be a staple ┬áin the Windy City (yet) but the benefits it can bring to couples may have your grabbing your mat, your man and running to the nearest studio.

“Partner yoga is essentially taking the concepts of individual yoga and utilizing with two people,” Susan Walsh, a certified yoga instructor says. “It’s a way for couples to find a new way to relax and a new way to be with one another. You calm the mind and you calm the body.”

Cirque du soleil moves may be cool but they’re not necessary. Instead, Walsh focuses on having couples match each other’s breathing and doing poses alongside one another. The goal, Walsh says, is for couples to find a balance on the mat that they can then take with them into the real world.

“Our lives are so busy and distracting and chaotic that helping a couple to focus on their breath together is kind of a new way of paying attention to one another and more of a gentle way of paying attention to one another to get more to the level of intimacy,” she says.

For Yvette and Gorge, the hour long class provides just that.

“It was almost rather sensual and our breathing was in sync and we were stretching the same way at the same time,” Yvette says.

” There’s no texting, there’s no looking at phone or emails or trying to figure out what the kids wants,” Jorge says. “It’s just me and her and breathing.”



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