Hackers attack Yahoo Mail accounts

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

YahooYahoo Mail was recently the target of a cyber-attack, the company revealed in a blog post Thursday.

Yahoo said it recently identified a coordinated effort by hackers who tried to log into many email accounts with stolen usernames and passwords. The note by Yahoo products executive Jay Rossiter did not immediately say how many accounts were affected.

The company declined to comment further but said it has teamed up with federal law enforcement to investigate the attack.

The credentials were likely taken from a third-party database, Yahoo said.

Yahoo said it reset passwords for users who were impacted. The company sent them text messages Wednesday night warning of “unusual activity on the network.”

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  • Brian Millersmith

    When, just WHEN are we going to see some vigilantes step up to the plate? SOMEBODY has to know who these hackers are. They could just "take them out" and the problem(s) would be solved…

  • David aguayo

    After being hacked 5 times on my yahoo account I got rid of them. It seems that yahoo is really to hack and after so any complaints from at least 15 people that I know we just left because they just can't get it right. All the others like gmail, aol don't seem to have a problem. Maybe I'm wrong but I havent heard of anybody that has any other email accounts have a problem with there account except for yahoo.

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