Victims identified in Indiana grocery store shooting

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Northern Indiana police are still putting together the pieces after a man walked into a grocery store and gunned down two women.

Instead of going to work Thursday night, Emily Hoeppner came to Martins Super Market in Elkhart, Ind., hand in hand with her mother. She came to pay her respects to a co-worker and customer who were murdered there just hours after her shift ended.

“It’s so surreal. I just worked yesterday and everything was normal. Then you get home and something like this happens,” Emily Hoeppner said.

What happened, police say, is 22-year-old Shawn Bair walked into the store Wednesday at about 9:30 p.m. Surveillance video shows him making phone calls and texting people.

“At approximately 10:05 p.m., things started to changed,” said Sgt. Trent Smith of the Indiana State Police.

Police say Bair pulled out a .44 caliber semi-automatic handgun, and shot and killed 20-year-old Krystal Dikes. Police say she had just started working at the store stocking the shelves. Friends say she was a caring, compassionate person.

“I don’t know what his goal was, I don’t know what his aim was, mad at the world. There’s definitely a family grieving for her. Definitely. And lots of friends,” said Dikes’ boyfriend Kyle Barnett.

After firing at another employee and missing, police say Bair shot and killed his second victim, 44-year-old Rachelle Godfread, who was there along with about 15 others shopping.

Everyone ran for the doors, except for the manager, who came face-to-face with Bair.

“Mr. Bair held the manager store hostage. He asked him to go to his knees. You could see the manager there in a praying position,”  Smith said.

His prayers were answered. Police arrived within 3 minutes of the first 911 call. Once inside, they confronted Bair. The manager escaped and Bair, after making threatening jesters toward the officers, was shot and killed.

Police still aren’t sure why Bair, who police have been in contact with before, decided to go on this rampage but his Facebook page is filled with violent images and posts. In one post he says he knows he’s going hell.  One from 2010 says he realized everybody should die, no matter what race or religion.

On Thursday night, however, his victims are on the minds of many, like Emily Hoeppner and her mom Robin who just couldn’t stay away.

“I felt like it’s the right thing to because there are souls that are now gone,” Robin Hoeppner said.

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  • Trish

    save the tax payers time and money……….just kill him now and be done with it…….no chance for mistaken identity…… insanity please…….just do away with him…….let the girls parents have him or the clerks family……

  • Shane

    Just another bad guy with a gun who was able to buy a gun whenever and wherever he wanted. Yep. Guns don't kill people. And toasters don't toasts.

    • Steve

      A person that intends on killing does not care about obtaining or possessing a weapon legally. Let's say, for argument sake, that perhaps he couldn't get a gun because of some miracle gun control law…wouldn't he be able to kill using other methods? He could use a knife, a bomb, light a fire, hit people with a car, etc…

      • Shane

        Interesting "argument" as usual. However, when someone goes on a killing spree using something other than a gun, please get back to us.

      • Shane

        I know debating with folks who are gun advocates always delves into "but, but, what about….. (insert noun)."
        Okay. Let's take your example of Boston. 3 people were murdered using an explosive device. Now let's look at other events. Sandy Hook: 26 babies slaughtered in 5 mins. Aurora theater: 12 people slaughtered in 3 minutes, Columbine, etc, etc, etc. I'm not sure you guys understand the difference. Why fight to make murdering innocent people easier and faster? You may now proceed with "well, what about cars? Hammers? Knives"?

      • Steve

        The insane acts of a select few should not impinge on the rights of law abiding gun owners. It upsets me that things like this happen, just as much as anyone else, but punishing honest gun owners, in my opinion, is not a fair solution. I hate to say it but there will always be evil people coming up with ways to harm others, the world is far from perfect.

      • Shane

        I understand it's not a perfect world, but why insist on making it easier for these lunatics to have such open access to killing tools?

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