Student shot during robbery is second shooting victim in family

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KEVIN BAKERKevin Baker was shot in the head and the stomach after a robbery just a block away from home Thursday, now he is in critical condition at Advocate Christ Medical Center.

Baker’s cousin Arlene Allen says the 19-year-old is clinging to life after stomach surgery Friday morning.

Baker and his 22-year old cousin were walking home together on the 6200 block of south Campbell Avenue just after four o’clock Thursday afternoon.

The teen known as “college boy” to friends, was leaving classes at Harold Washington College. A van pulled up next to the cousins, two armed robbers got out and stole their cell phones. Then one asked Baker what gang he was a member of, before he could answer, the cousin says he was shot.

Allen says Baker does not have any connection to a gang.

A week ago, Baker’s 16-year-old cousin Marquise Harris was shot and killed outside of his home on the 6200 of south Saint Lawrence Avenue.  It happened after a fight with his girlfriend at a party.

Theresa Taylor is a close friend of Baker’s mother. She says Baker’s shooting has upset everyone in the neighborhood who knows the teen and his family.

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  • Trish

    Over a phone…… shoot someone in the head over a phone and only one of them………something is off …..either way this why we must bring back the death penalty……..that shooter is a waste of human organs… away with him and save several others

  • queen94

    Get well soon kevin. You will pull thru this you a soilder.! I been knowing you for five years. Who ever did this need life. The system so messed up. People who attemp to kill people and rape people shouldn’t have a second chance. Thats putting the next person in danger if they get out on bond.

    • mysaints

      shootings happen everyday all over this country. not just chicago. i hope the best for this young man trying to better his life. the guys that shot him only did so because they are jealous of a young man who is on the right track. they didn't care if he was in a gang or not, only that he was doing something with his life and they know they would never amount to anything and just proved it to the world. i hope they are caught and soon. so disgusting.

  • Bob

    So sad. We need to toughen our laws especially when it comes to these gang banger whimp's. First thing that needs to happen is their family needs to have all the Public Assistance cut off. Maybe then the parents will take control when they realize they are going to lose their free ride. This also includes anyone this banger gets pregnant but is not married too. This will help to cut down on the young ladies getting pregnant by these losers.

    First Offense: Lose ALL PA for 6 months
    Second offense:: Lose ALL PA for 3 years
    Third Offense: Life time ban.
    If it is a violent offense: Jump straight to life time ban.

    This should apply if ANY member of the family commits a crime. In other words- commit a crime and lose the public dime.

    This kid and his family are in my prayers. And I pray the dirt bags who did this get caught and sent away for life. Where they can enjoy being a victim.

    • mysaints

      then by that logic you are assuming that all parents of these "gang members" are on PA. then you are also assuming that these those who may be on PA are involved in that life style. its not always the case. i will however agree that anyone who knowingly allows anyone with gang ties and living in their homes while on PA should be advised, if, that person (must be gang involved) commits a felon you are in jeopardy of loosing any and all benefits for a specific amount of time. also, keep in mind, if they are on benefits, there must be young children in the home. now, they should also be warned they may even receive a visit from social services. at that point, its up to the recipient to do what's in the best interest of the children.

      now, this should also apply to people who are not on any PA. and by that i mean, they could receive visits from social services as well. just because someone living in the home isn't in a gang, doesn't mean they are not prone to violence, drugs, or the like. don't forget, ignorance doesn't only apply to the poor or needy. and i pray as well for this family.

      my other hope is that, the DA, when these fools are caught, are not given a plea deal that will give them anything less than life, with the possiblility of parole after 50 yrs. sounds fair? otherwise, take their low down behinds to trial and risk straight life no parole.

  • mouthinthesouth

    My heart breaks to hear this, especially for the parents- Please all pray continually-Lord, Father God Almighty, please let your Holy Spirit heal this young man.Please be with the doctors to steady their hands, the nurses, and the family suffering during this time.Wrap you healing around them, dry their tears and fill their hearts with faith and hope.Father we thank you , as we know you are already working on this.Thank You for Your strength. I also pray for the family of this young mans cousin.Father we also ask that those who cruelly committed this crime that they are not only brought to justice but will be convicted in their hearts and may come to know you. in Jesus name we ask amen!

  • mouthinthesouth

    tears and continual prayers for the family-i wish i had words of comfort, i don't know what to say other than to his mother, father, cousins, etc we are sending our hugs your way to hold you tight during this time and will be praying for you in church this morning.I"m so sorry.

  • Howie Doin

    Poor kid, there he is trying to get an education and then that happens. Over a friggin shiny toy. That is why I still use a flip phone, it gets the job done and no one gets jealous over and it and wants to take it from me. I hope they find the criminals and punish them, but unfortunately they will wind up in prison with their "homies" and get fed, sheltered, entertained and get to hang with their friends because the rights of criminals mean more than the rights of law abiding citizens who are working hard to get educated, get a job and make something of themselves. I hope he survives and can put this behind him and thrive.

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