City Council approves e-cigarettes ban

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Chicago City Council has voted overwhelmingly to ban electronic cigarettes in indoor buildings.

The ordinance passed Wednesday by the Council also puts e-cigarettes behind the counter away from children.

It means e-cigarettes will be regulated and restricted, just as tobacco-based cigarettes are currently regulated.

The ordinance requires stores that sell electronic cigarettes to keep them behind the counter, like traditional cigarettes.

E-cigarettes will be banned in public places and made off-limits to minors.

Critics of the ban say e-cigarettes give off harmless water vapor, so they don’t need regulating.

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  • Tom

    While I know e-cigarette companies cannot acknowledge this, I am fairly certain that the majority of e-cig smokers are trying to change their lives in a positive and more healthy way. I feel we should embrace these people who are trying to make healthier decisions instead of criminalizing them in an attempt to drive people back to traditional cigarettes for the sole purpose of collecting more tax revenue.

  • Mike J

    Apparently ,when you become a politician,your brain stops working. Explain to me how an e-cigarette is going to lead to tobacco products?

  • Faith Marie

    As usual, the Government wants to find ways to ban something so people will be fined for "breaking the law", then those crooks can get more money to line their pockets.

  • exchitowner

    I was born and raised in Chicago. I travel a lot. When someone from out of town asks me where I am from, I tell them I am from Milwaukee…This is one of the many reasons.
    I am ashamed of my former hometown!
    Notice that there is no funding for the schools, yet they want to ban vaping and fine/tax those that do.
    Unlike the schools, there's something in it for Rahm and his cronie$.

  • Shelley

    I agree that anyone under age should not be able to purchase any cigarettes but I can’t understand why it seems to be an issue. If it has no odor like a “traditional” cigarette. If it won’t burn anything or anyone. If it doesn’t harm people around the user, then let them use it.

  • amiee rachuy

    This is an outrage because it's NOT ABOUT ECIGS-SAFETY NOR the children. IT"S about PERCEPTION and CONTROL. They don't care about the FDA who incidentally suck all on their own these days. The FDA wants to take away people's Tylenol,, because oh, some people could have liver failure. Fact: SOME PEOPLE WILL BE EFFECTED BY SOMETHING. Just like you have ODDS of chance. One out of ten people maybe sensitive to perfume or all perfumes. One out of so many births WILL result in a STILLBORN.

  • amiee rachuy

    Honest WHAT HAPPEN TO THE REST OF MY POST ABOUT THE CITY COUNCIL? AM I BEING CENSORED? Let me try again People in Chicago need to STAND up for fair and balanced council. NOT YES MEN/WOMEN for MAYOR KING RHAM. IN MY OPINION THESE SO CALLED REPRESENTATIVES for the people are appointed by the democratic party,because we have NO CHOICE when most run unopposed. WE SHOULD HAVE CHOICE. NOT APPOINTEES LIKE MELLS'
    daughter. Wake up CHICAGO we need REAL REPRESENTATION!

  • Jim

    Everywhere I've seen e-cigs, they've always been behind a counter out of the grasp of children. Oh wait….. I'm not in Cook County.

    Stupid politicians!

  • sarcastic1

    Yes! This ban is definitely the solution for the crime problem. >
    After all, ex-smokers are far more dangerous than gangs who kill innocent children! >
    Oh, I'm sure that Rahm will use the revenue from the fines to help the schools and improve infrastructure! >

  • Kim

    I agree that all tabacco products should be kept behind the counter, away from kids…no issues there. However, to ban e-cigs in public places is as foolish as banning a culinary dish, oh wait…this same city council did that..fois gras debacle come to mind? Only a a politician with a control complex votes for a ban like this, while I gave up smoking all together, I applaud my counter parts who still find comfort through e-cigs, they are far less harmful to self, and certainly not harmful to those around you at all. The city should reconsider that ban immediately, it is a failure to understand alternatives to not smoking, and the fact there are not risks associated with it. Get a life city council!

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