Double standard? Facebook pulls photos; Chicago moms protest

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The 4th Trimester Bodies Project in Chicago is demanding answers from Facebook after their social media page was pulled from the site.

The photographer who came up with the photo documentary project takes pictures of moms and their babies to highlight the beauty in women’s bodies after birth. The group had been posting the pictures on their social media site until the pictures were flagged, the page blocked and eventually banned.

The moms have tried to appeal to Facebook but with no luck.

They have now created a new page but fear something similar will happen.

To try and keep Facebook from blocking their page they now post links to the pictures, hoping that will keep them from being blocked again.

Ashlee Wells Jackson, who leads the program says, “The problem for us is the double standard. We have not broken any of their laws. We’ve abided by their terms and conditions in their community standards.”

Facebook hasn’t made it clear why the pictures are being flagged, other than to say they’re inappropriate.  In many cases, the mothers are breastfeeding their children, a practice that’s allowed on the popular social media site.

WGN reached out to Facebook but they’ve made no comment.

Lourdes Duarte hosted a Google Hangout earlier on the topic.  For video of that conversation, click here.

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  • JEM

    When are women going to get it through their heads – not everyone wants to see you breastfeeding. I don't care how natural it is or how beautiful you think it is. Is it so hard to schedule your outings around your child's feeding times? Seriously.

    • luke

      You as a person don't even make sense. If you don't want to see them breastfeeding don't go to the page..

      For women out and about, not only is it natural, not only is it legal, not only is it a legally protected part of motherhood, but it precedes our modern times by almost 10,000 years of human evolution.

      Why don't you find the constricted religious anti-social rock you crawled out of and re-home yourself.

  • JBB

    If you don't want to see it, then don't look. There are ways to block the groups from your feed should they show up. There are a lot of things on there that I don't like to see, so I block them from my feed instead of reporting them. It's called being a grown-up, try it sometime. The point here is the page is not violating any laws or rules, so why is it not allowed when pornographic pictures are left alone.

  • Dick Beninya

    Because people want to see the porn, not the other pics. Why insist on going where someone doesn’t want you?

    When you get through to Facebook support in India, tell them

    • JBB

      Then get off facebook and find a pornagraphy page, pornography are against facebook's policy, breastfeeding pictures & pictures of women in clothing are not.

  • Dick Beninya

    They didn’t block the site because it was overly popular, did they?
    Give people what they want and they ask for more…push something they don’t want and they rebel, really pretty simple

  • Amanda Frazier

    Wow. These comments are extremely shocking and disappointing. I am a mother of 3 that took part in this project. If one were to grace the Facebook page of The 4th Trimester bodies project they would find that the women in the majority of the photographs have had some difficult experiences bearing their children. The pictures are intended to tell stories. Ashlee is upset about her Facebook page getting blocked. Not for her need to socialize. This is a branch of her business. These photos are to be published. Its not some non-sensical woman complaining she can't see how many likes she got on 40 millionth selfie. She is challenging the modern views of women. That women, yes are sexual beings, are more than a body to look good in a bikini. That we don't need perky breasts and a flat stomach to be happy. We are beautiful. We have babies and we don't need society and people such as the negative commenters telling us that our bodies aren't acceptable and we have to stay home to feed our children. Breasts have been made into something that apparently are only there to be sexual and they weren't made to be only shown and used for sex. They were made to feed our children. Your anus was only made to poop, if it could breastfeed a child, I wouldn't hold you back.

    • Dick Beninya

      Show people what they want, they ask for more! Push something on them and they rebel! Maybe this woman didn’t really think her business plan through well enough. At any rate, if enough people want to see her content she can establish her own platform. To serve her business needs! That’s how America works

    • marj413

      Interesting post because as I see it posting those pics, or any pics for that matter, is still a cry for attention. Why does anyone else need to see your body? So other women can see and say nothing but positive things? Fine, but when negative things are said it becomes a problem to those same people who want the freedom to express their opinions. It is a two way street.

      Personally I don't care either way, and I am not a fan of the prudes who whine about women breastfeeding either as they can look away if they don't like it. But let's not be too dishonest about what people post pics on social sites for – attention, and they usually only want the positive kind.

      • Amanda Frazier

        The point is that there are plenty of pornographic and vulgar pages on Facebook that aren't being taken down. They have been flagged and not taken down. Why is that question only asked when its a woman that is going against the grain? Should we e-maill all the modeling agencies and ask them why their models have to come in once a month and walk in front of their agents in a bathing suit? Should we force the porn industry to fully cloth all of their actors? We don't do that because it expected. So a woman who has had children, poses for a photograph and tells her story of motherhood and how her body has changed for the children, is a woman who wants attention? I only speak for myself right now, but when I signed up for this project I did not think for one second, "Man, I can't wait till she uploads these to Facebook." I wasn't even aware she had a Facebook account still.

        I really am boggled that these thoughts of motherhood and breastfeeding still exist today. Its unnerving. Ashlee has a photography business. This is her project she decided to do because she went through a devastating pregnancy and she needed some sort of fellowship with women. Because after giving birth its easy to feel alone and isolated cause the world we live in today tells mothers we can't love our babies the way we need to and if we don't look a certain way, we need to cover up. You can't argue that. Reading through the previous comments is proof enough.

      • luke

        I agree with Amanda and I actually work for a porn company. Why cant these women, who are living normal lives, show off their natural tummy's and physique to say "look this is me, the real me, the real way a woman looks after birth".

        If nothing else its simply educational, and what in the world is wrong, if these women want attention for giving birth to a child. Its a pretty amazing thing. Its not like they are twerking and the MTV music awards or making a sex video. They are simply showing themselves in the state they are right then. Almost like a historical record.

      • marj413

        I can't answer your questions and to be honest I don't spend much time on FB anyway, although I never ran across "porn" on there.

        Email whoever you want to, for models and porn stars that is part of the game, it isn't wrong or exploitation. But yes, PEOPLE (gender is irrelevant) who post up "body shots" are looking for some sort of attention, otherwise why even post. Heck I will say that ANY picture posted is a call for attention, even when people post pics of their kids or a new car they bought, they want people to look and hit that "like" button…..maybe even comment on how awesome it is.

        I can understand people wanting to talk to other people who are in the same situation as they are in and I personally think it is silly to take the page down (assuming nothing graphic was actually posted that violates the rules), people who don't like it don't have to join the group or look at it. It is probably just a group of spiteful people, trolls if you will, they do this sort of thing to all sorts of websites and FB pages, it certainly isn't some conspiracy against motherhood.