Midday Fix: Cold weather tips from Dr. Kevin Most

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Dr. Kevin Most

Frostbite and Hypthermia

Do not stay outside for more than 10-15 minutes if possible.

Wearing layers is key for anyone who will be outside for any extended time, wear a tight polyester first layer. Wool is better than cotton (cotton absorbs water), outer layer wind proof.

Mittens over gloves – keeps fingers warmer. Important for women. Fashionable gloves are terrible in this weather.

Make sure your ears are covered. Wear a scarf. It helps with warming air before breathing into lungs. Think asthma patients.

Keep water, blanket, extra clothes in the car. If the car breaks down, tow trucks may take awhile.

Frost Nip
Skin red- tingling skin, slight pain

Frost Bite
Skin becomes waxy, white, hard, painful, pins and needles, pain

Treatment for superficial frostbite (treat at home) Deep frostbite (seek medical attention)

Gradual warming is key. Holding hands under running warm water (checked by someone ) is best.

Safe warming is most important. No warming hands over direct heat,  stove or fireplace ( fingers will have no sensation and burns will occur).

DO NOT RUB HANDS. Frostbite is frozen tissue, rubbing hands does more damage to skin and blood vessels.

As skin warms it will turn from waxy great to red, that is good, circulation is returning.


If skin stays white or blisters noted, very concerning, seek medical attention.

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