Chicago faces second stage of Winter Storm

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A winter Storm Warning remains in effect for the Chicago area today calling for additional heavy snowfall, falling temperatures, and sub-zero wind chills as we move into the second phase of the winter storm (see National Hazards map below for bigger picture – large gray area is Wind Chill Warnings and large pink area overlaying the gray is Winter Storm Warning for heavy snow).

A strong center of low pressure is moving northeast out of Missouri headed toward the Ohio River Valley. A second wave of snow is expected to surge north of this low pressure later this morning into the this afternoon with heavier amounts of 5 to 10 inches across our southernmost sections and 3 to 5 inches additional snow in the immediate Chicago area. Today’s snow will taper off to an inch or less as you approach the Illinois-Wisconsin state line.

Widespread snowfall overnight was associated with a slow-moving cold front that has progressed east into northwestern Indiana this morning. Heaviest snow continues along and either side of the frontal boundary – south of interstate-80. Winds have shifted to the north behind the front and are already gusting to 30 miles an hour while temperatures have fallen into the teens creating wind chills in the single digits to around zero.

As snow ends this evening over all the Chicago area except northeast Indiana (lake-effect snow and backside of departing Ohio Valley low pressure), the extremely cold Arctic high pressure will take charge with strong north winds gusting over 30 miles per hour and temperatures overnight falling to -15 to -20-degrees creating wind chills of a -40 to -50 degrees by Monday morning.

National Hazards Map










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