CPS scheduled to remain open Monday, Tuesday

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CPS has confirmed that schools will remain open Monday and Tuesday despite the expected bitter temperatures.

Parents tell WGN that they are receiving automated calls from CPS informing them schools would be open and engineers will be on hand to make sure the school are warm for students Monday.

According to the CPS website all schools are scheduled to be open both Monday and Tuesday. Parents are encouraged to visit CPS website or call the hotline number listed on your screen for updates.

We also have a complete list of school closings on our website: wgntv.com/schoolclosings

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  • Livid parent

    Neither CPS or our mayor care about the students or teachers. If the student get an excused absence what about the teachers and staff? This is being done to further punish the teachers! Rahm really hates all teachers/CTU. Rahm, put your hatred aside and think of the students and staff for once!

  • Residentsj

    Why any adults should be made to come into the schools to babysit OTHER peoples children ( meaning delinquent parents kids) is beyond me. Either it's bad out or it isn't. Either parents are providing a warm home and food for their OWN children and looking after their OWN children or they don't deserve them. Your children are YOUR responsibility. Your job as a parent is to be there when a storm hits.

  • teacher/parent

    CPS..You are idiots! I feel for children who need the support, but it is NOT the teachers' responsibility to take care of children as a babysitter. Parents need to take care of their children. What about the safety of your employees and why encourage children or parents to be outside in dangerous conditions? Minnesota's governor has more brains than you!

      • guest

        and for someone like me…a single parent from out of state….no family here….and I receive no paid sick days….staying home is not an option….Yes, i am looking for a place where my 4 children can go and be safe and warm……I, like thousands more, have no choice and depend upon the teachers to be there.

      • guest

        I understand the position you are in. I too have to find care for my children, but I can't expect anybody in harms way to watch them. One job of a teacher is to teach children what is safe and what is not. Traveling in sub zero cold is not safe. If any of these children are hurt on the streets, where will you be then? Hospital bills, many days of work off? One day is not worth it.

  • guest

    Union President just used twitter to say how wrong the CPS is for keeping schools open. As a former CPS Teacher, I would NOT go in….I would rather use a sick day than have my car stuck in an open school parking lot…where it would not start at the end of the day! ALL teachers should call in sick on Monday! So glad i am retired!

  • PumpkinPie

    As an educator, if I can make it in safely, I will be there. If I can't, I will call for a sub and if one isn't available, at least I'll know children will have a hot meal and a warm place to stay. Praying for all our children tonight. Have you met them? They are worth our concern and caring. I don't say this often (okay, ever!), but I support Rahm on this one.

    • Residentsj

      You should not be an educator as you have no brains. A true child advocate would not want any children, poor or otherwise, to be out in this weather. It's not the schools job to provide a warm place and meal. How about a local church?

  • fed up

    I hope everyone who lives in all of the cities with the snow and the terrible sub zero temps, have a safe journey whether going to work or school. I pray for all of you to keep safe. As far as sending your children to school or not, that is your decision. If you can get to work or school safely, so be it. If you feel staying home and taking a snow day or two would be better, then do that. Whatever you feel in your heart, is no doubt the right decision. God Bless to all!!

  • guest

    what if a child is walking to school and slips on the all-iced surface and injures him/her-self….or gets hit by a car……or gets severe frostbite (many of the kids here do not even own a pair of gloves or hat!……is the CPS ready to handle a slew of lawsuits?

  • Rose

    Most of CPS students walk to school. Because of the school closings in Aug. students walk farther to school now. At -45 wind chill the schools better have nurses to identify the cases of frostbite. The schools may be warm, but not the children’s journey to and from their school.